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    Ninja Logging: Do you frown upon this?

    Ok, we have all had our fair share of being a part of terrible pugs. Now many of you may or may not have "Ninja Logged" before, but if you have, why did you do it?

    Do you think it is okay to ninja log if the raid is terrible and things are going badly? Or do you stick it out to the bitter end, continuously wiping?
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    I've never ninja logged, I've had moments where I have wanted to! But Usually its down to one or 2 people and I always feel its not fair to the other peeps for me to just log out, and leave them hanging. So I tend to bite my tongue and stick it out to the end or until everyone else decides to leave hehe.

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    No, if they're doing that terrible I usually say something to the effect of "Well, thanks for having me, but I didn't expect a wipefest. Good luck all" then hearth and log.
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    Death is essentially meaningless in this game, so leaving because of wipes is more than a little emo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Death is essentially meaningless in this game, so leaving because of wipes is more than a little emo.
    Time, however, is important. I don't stay with a group that will take 4x longer than they should when I could be doing something more productive.

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    I don't usually do it, I'll just leave the group instead. It's pretty annoying when you're trying to put a pug raid together and people leave halfway through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Art3x View Post
    Time, however, is important. I don't stay with a group that will take 4x longer than they should when I could be doing something more productive.
    Pretty much this. If a group of bads found me in trade chat and I joined them (they pretending to be good just to entice me to come), turn out to be exactly what they are: bad, then I have no inclination to stay with the group when the truth is made obvious by the first couple wipes.

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    I don't care if they don't say something, I don't want anyone logging off without first leaving the party. That stuff is more confusing if you don't know if the person was just having connection issues or if they're rage quitting. I think it's worse kicking a dedicated pug who's just got a bad lag spike.

    If I'm the pug, I'd hearth and leave. There's no reason why I would want to stay in a party and log. This of course is considering the pug was just bad and not like a guild doing progression that needed a few extra people, I'm talking about content that should be dead easy that's being wiped on needlessly (like Tol Barad/Archavon bosses)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Do you think it is okay to ninja log if the raid is terrible and things are going badly? Or do you stick it out to the bitter end, continuously wiping?
    I don't do either one. I politely say that it doesn't look like this is happening or something to that effect, wish them luck and leave party. I can't imagine why anyone would ninja log (realm reputation for one thing if that still matters and it's a realm pug) or waste time in a group that isn't really going anywhere. For that matter I do the same in randoms. It's simply being polite.
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    I've ninja log a few times because I just wanted to go to bed lol.

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    If you have had enough, tell them. Just logging wastes further time, because they don't know if they can replace you.
    If you're worried about them whispering you, tell them you're leaving, leave and then log.
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    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    Yes, yes I have. A few times, in six years.

    Though, if you are terrible enough to make me rage quit, there is a pretty good chance that I did not "ninja log". When I'm in a pug, it's no thing. Don't care if I do it, don't care if other people do it. But when you come into my raid, you can be sure that I will be annoyed unless you were so terrible that you just saved us the trouble.

    People got better stuff to do with their time than sitting in a chair and being pissed off.

    That being said, there is a distinctive difference between beating your retarded face against something, hoping that it will eventually fall over dead and actually making progression.
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    I will tell them they suck and I can't be bothered with it anymore, and leave group in front of them.

    I usually give them an advance warning though: "OK that's it, another wipe and I am out"

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    Done it a few times...but half of the time it was me logging in drunk, doing sth stupid thus wiping the raid (like..switching specc to prot for the run and forgetting RF) and thinking "Uh are in no condition to do this...."
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    I usually don't, have once or twice when I felt pressured and more or less feigned a Disconnect, however most of the time I just tell them I don't have the time or patience for people not listening/paying attention and expected things to go smoother then apologize and wish them luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Death is essentially meaningless in this game, so leaving because of wipes is more than a little emo.
    It's more about time. Wiping over and over is a waste of time that can be better used elsewhere.

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    Honestly, I'm always upfront about leaving a group if it's not going well. I'll usually say "We're really not making any headway on this, guys. I don't think it's going to happen, so I'm going to go about my day. Thanks for the invite, and good luck."

    I always wait for a few wipes to see how it's going, but if there's no sign of improvement... I'm out, but I'm polite enough to make sure they know they have to replace me right away. If I'm leaving because I feel like I don't want to waste my time, then I feel it's rude to waste theirs by making them "Should we give him like 10 minutes to see if he comes back?" and then have to start pugging.

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    Just logging without even leaving the group leaves the group wondering whether you're going to come back. I frown on that, sure. If you don't want to keep going you should say so, wave /bye, hearth, leave the group, do something, anything to convey that thought. It's not a whole lot to ask for.

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    nope ill just say "thats it im done" and go do something else. ninja logging is for social incompetents

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    If it's like the second or third wipe on a boss that is relatively easy, I'll say "Sorry, but this isn't working" and leave group. This goes for both dungeons and raids. Raids I might give 3+ attempts to but if it's say the first boss, that's a red alert that shows half of this place won't be dying, at least not today.
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