View Poll Results: Kate Upton or Angelena Jolie?

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  • Kate Upton

    106 76.81%
  • Angelena Jolie

    32 23.19%
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    Angelena all the way. Though Angelena from Hackers > all .

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    jolie is gross imo

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    Not a big blonde fan, but Kate Upton. Angelina Jolie is just... blown out.

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    guess kate upton today, but angelina 10 years ago

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    I as a straight man would prefer Jack Nicholson before Angelina Jolie. God I her looks
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    Quote Originally Posted by dercaderca View Post
    jolie is gross imo
    Same, her lips are way too big

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    Around the time Angelina did Tomb Raider, I would have said her, but she's gotten too skinny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyblader View Post
    Around the time Angelina did Tomb Raider, I would have said her, but she's gotten too skinny.
    Yeah, this. Angie used to be very hot, but she got old and way to skinny.

    Today I'd take kate over her in a heartbeat.

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    Jolie. Her features have more character. Upton just seems like.. another young blonde American. No offense.
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    I don't like Angelena Jolie at all and Kate Upton is kinda decent, so Kate gets my vote.

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    I don't find either particularly attractive... But if I had to pick one, I'd say Kate Upton. Angelina with her very harsh features is borderline "unattractive" to me.

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    Angelina Jolie lost too much weight and from all the wrong places. She had a nice curvy figure but went and destroyed it.

    So Kate Upton if we're going off today.

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    I don't even know who Kate Upton is and i don't find Angelena Jolie attractive so i pick neither. Which i can see i am not the only one.
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    Anyone have a good tasteful picture of each woman for comparison purposes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    You couldn't even provide pictures in your OP? I don't even know who Kate Upton is.....
    Her bouncy Dougi video was pretty popular a while ago. Allso swimsuit covergirl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by verdamte View Post
    Her bouncy Dougi video was pretty popular a while ago. Allso swimsuit covergirl.

    Yeah this is very cute! This is partly why I chose her.
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    I'm sorry Angelina but I choose Kate Upton. If Angelina looked as good as she was back in her Lara Croft:Tomb Raider days I would definitely pick Angelina but she just doesn't look that good anymore. She looks too skinny now, too boney. Angelina was my all time Hollywood crush back then. Now it's Kate Beckinsale, she's smokin' hot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geminiwolf View Post
    Now it's Kate Beckinsale, she's smokin' hot.
    You have great taste

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    Kate Upton, I like 'em fresh. Though the aforementioned Kate Beckinsale is a long time crush

    EDIT: And once again I manage to contradict myself in just one small sentence....

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    Not a big fan of massive lips.

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