View Poll Results: Kate Upton or Angelena Jolie?

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  • Kate Upton

    106 76.81%
  • Angelena Jolie

    32 23.19%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solomodex View Post
    Taylor Swift.
    taylor swift.....sounds like a guys name.
    there are only two types of people in this world this who are against me and those are with me. choose a side.
    Quote Originally Posted by Quetzl View Post
    Is it illegal to view child porn? Manufacturing and distribution - obviously - but I wasn't aware that viewing it was a criminal activity.
    quetzl unaware that child porn is an illegal offense.

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    Angelena Jolie from when she did the Tomb Raider films? YES PLEASE. But now, no no no. I'd go with Kate Upton.
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    Kate Upton out of those two.

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    Jolie was soiled by BillyBob Thorton.

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    Angelena Jolie? LOL!!! That bitch has a baboons ass for lips. Never understood why people think shes so hot >_>
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