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    Empress 10N Help

    My guild downed Ambershaper and put in a few attempts onto Empress last night. It was the first time a lot of us had seen the fight on normal and our best attempt was a ~15% wipe. We are 3 healing (Disc/Paladin/Monk) and having both tank pick up the Reaver and the 3 windblades on their side during the transition phase.
    Here are the logs from the raid.


    Any tips/constructive criticism/general helpful comments appreciated!

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    People are dying to Discharge and Cry of Terror in p1. People are fucking something up (staying in too long; not getting in fast enough; no CDs; not enough healing). Looks like just lack of CDs and heals for the most part, but it's not the only issue. You can BoP the person with Cry before the Discharge goes off to keep them alive without heals longer. You can Cocoon the person with Cry when no Fields are out to prevent damage on the raid for its duration.

    People are dying at the p3 transition. Hold DPS so you don't go in with more than 1 Field up and use a cooldown so Calamity+Discharge doesn't kill someone.

    People are dying to Calamity and Visions of Demise in p3. Your healers need to step up dispels and hps.

    Overall, your dps seems pretty low with the exception of your rogue. More DPS isn't necessary, but it'll make the fight easier. People can definitely optimize further.

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    I'm curious as to how you're keeping up your tanks with only three healers and splitting the adds up. Our tanks simply get rocked, and we four heal it. The tanks are basically getting one shotted.

    Here are our logs. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-0p8t63roe43dw5ft/. We'd also like some help as well. We have a Bear tank and pally tank, Healing it with a Monk, Disc Priest, Two resto shamans. We don't really have a problem with phase one, it's the add phase and the adds one shotting the tanks.

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    One thing our guild does on Empress, is using Army of the dead with taunts on when the adds come out. This gives one of the tanks a little bit of time to get situated without getting smashed so healers can focus on the other tank. Also gives us time to burn 1-2 of the adds almost all the way before the tank even has to pick up the adds. We were having the same problem as Deathcries for about the first 10 pulls on our first kill till I thought of that trick, and we have used it since. Also if you have a stun it does wonders, I run Paralytic Poison and AOE the adds and just stun over and over till they die. Even with diminishing returns it will save a tank. After one set of the little adds die we have that tank go grab the other tanks big add and trap them.

    If you don't have a DK then I'm not sure any other tricks besides just stunning the adds a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathcries View Post
    I'm curious as to how you're keeping up your tanks with only three healers and splitting the adds up. Our tanks simply get rocked, and we four heal it. The tanks are basically getting one shotted.

    Here are our logs. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-0p8t63roe43dw5ft/. We'd also like some help as well. We have a Bear tank and pally tank, Healing it with a Monk, Disc Priest, Two resto shamans. We don't really have a problem with phase one, it's the add phase and the adds one shotting the tanks.
    If the're having problems getting oneshotted it might be tanks using CC in a bad way. For example, if you as a Pally tank pop a blind on all the small adds, once it breaks their swingtimers will all sync up and hit at the exact same time. THis will hurt A LOT. Other than that you just have to time cooldowns.
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    You can have a read at my post I made - http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-about-Empress

    We tank with the same comp as you have. We're going to try some of the ideas out what is suggested, but mainly most probably in p2 we will:

    Each tank picks a set of adds 1+3. The Blades on paladin will be killed ASAP + 1 Blade on me. Paladin is our "weaker" tank as Blades tend to kill him faster. After that paladin takes the Reaver off from me. Leaving me (bear) with 2 Blades. Probably will be trapping the Reaver as soon as there is a trap. Leaving only one Reaver and 2 Blades up. Since Blades will move to attack the trap to destroy it, just knock/stun them to slow their progress. After we have enough Resin and second trap. we trap the last Reaver and finish off the Blades.

    Again we possible will have to "customise" this a bit to fit us. But hopefully we get some progress tonight.

    Also dispatch needs to be interrupted.
    All I can say to you is assign a certain healer to each tank. Makes the healing more controllable. On add pull both tanks should pop survival CD. If tank CD are gone externals from healers/others should be used.

    As stated in my topic, you should not knockback all the Blades at once as it syncs their attacks.
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    Have your hunter go through his stable before the fight and turn on growl on his pets. Then have him save Stampede for the adds phase. You could also have your dps warrior or your kitty taunt and kite one of the windblades on each side. You only need to do it for about 10 seconds, by which point one of the windblades has usually fixated on someone and you can focus them down at your leisure. Make sure to mark one windblade for survival.

    The DK army suggestion is also pure gold. We worked out the timing so that I'm tanking the Empress just before she retreats, and my co-tank will channel his army just as the adds are coming out.

    You made it this far so you've absolutely got the dps to finish. Once you beat phase 2, if you have enough dps to get her to 30% before a second phase 2 the last phase will be a breeze.

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    Looking at the OP's log, on your two 8min + attempts, your paladin healer is in the low 30k range for hps. I'd say that's low. My guild does this fight with disc/holypriest/rshammy and all are 45k+ with the disc in the high 50s. Also your holy paladin only used wings and divine favor twice in a 8min+ attempt. He's got plenty of room for improvement.

    The good news is you have a blood DK. I tank this fight on a DK as well and it's pure win for the add phase. My suggestion would be to kill the adds on the nonDK side first because the DK has better survivability for the adds. What I do is drop DnD in the paths of the adds coming to my side, make sure I have Bone Shield running and pop Remorseless Winter as I'm picking them up. Once they're frozen, I pop DRW and channel Army (remember dmg reduction = to parry chance while channeling army). After army runs out, pop Icebound fortitude. By this time adds on the other side should be dead or close, adds on DK side should be fixating - basically greatly reduced tank dmg. Boneshield is probably also available again by this time. Sprinkle in Vamp blood and trinkets and you're golden.

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    Killed this on my pally for the first time last week, we 2 healed it and honestly, seemed like an easy fight, i've only looked at the longest attempt OP but people are talking about 1 shots on tanks from boss or such (other logs i guess)... Tank view;

    Make your tanks save their cooldowns for the add phase as a paladin i just used my 1min or below cooldowns on boss, so barkskin, dks vampiric blood,bone shield, Dancing rune weapon and such, when add phase comes both tanks take 1 side each and should have CDs, havent played a druid this expansion properlly but have the dk do something such as

    - Have runic power for Dancing rune weapon/ try to get it ASAP!
    - summon ghoul, Bone shield before adds get close), DnD to gain agro, run in Plague strike -> blood boil DO NOT OUTBREAK, as soon as you have 60 runic power Dancing rune weapon, one second after outbreak (it should put 2 sets of diseases on the target) then manually pestilence, they all have 2 sets of diseases. Blood boil spam till out of runes (DRW + blood boil + vengance = insanely fast cleave dmg), then Empower rune weapon and death strike spam to make up for the time you blood boiled, if you're still dropping a bit fast, refresh bone shield / Ice bound fortitude but remember you still have ghoul out to sacrifice for a Lay of Hand effect heal.

    For the druid, since i havent played one much since mop... all i can do is suggest...
    Have all cooldowns for the add phase (duh xD)
    when they come out, prepare yourself before they get close with Bone shield (if symbosis to the dk still gives druids this)
    Charge in with Beserk, mangle spam and keep your SD up, barkskin if you need it or if you can wait till beserk falls. Survival instints if needed after barkskin.

    Kill druids side first. from looking at the log on longest attempt, the dk isn't using DRW as much as he could, would increase both dps and survivability, also bone shiled could have been used atleast 2 more times.

    If yous manage the add phase fine, make sure the dk uses army in the phase you struggle with most... he didn't use it on the longest attempt and it's insane, as a dk in full tank gear i can reach 150k burst on pretty much any fight with Army, it is that powerful...

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    Thank you for all the replies. Yeah; I will report some of this back. At first we had deaths to the dissonance fields and then tank deaths and then I think we had 2 back to back P3 attempts- but we went into P3 with both of the last dissonance fields up. I guess we can hold DPS and try and get one of them down so we dont run into deaths from the P3 burst damage when everyone is low from the dissonance field. I will mention the Army and Stampede thing- those are very solid ideas. Both of the times we went into P3 and got it to 21% and 15% we had a few dead, so I think if we can get into P3 with everyone alive at full HP we should have a kill NP. Thank you everyone for your contributions! =D

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