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    Question regarding MS > OP.

    So i've pretty much only played prot, so i have a question regarding the MS > OP.

    When you use MS, it allows you to use OP, is the OP stackable?
    For example:
    i use MS, then i dont use my OP, use MS again, can i use several OPs then or do i have to use OP before MS?

    Thank you.

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    yes u can stack up to 5 overpowers although most of the time u will be using overpowers between ms cd unless of course you are cc or not on the target

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    Note that if you are playing arms in the coming patch 5.2, arms 'rotation' will significantly change but yes for the meanwhile you can stack OP 5 times, make sure you track TfB.

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    Playing around on the PTR it seems to me you hit MS every time its up, then you use C Smash, then you Slam with C Smash up only, and then spam Overpower to get more C Smash procs, then Slam into those procs, and if somehow you get an over abundance of rage you Heroic Strike on top of the Slam during C Smash. But playing with 2/2 T2 weapon + Full Tyr, my rage was never really that good.

    I quite like the rotation change, and the removal of the stack TFB mechanic HS, but we need a snare in PvP and affording the rage for it is really gimping us.

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    right now? no
    after patch? so far, yes

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