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    The sick life of a wow addict.

    Let's wake up in the morining, and play up to 6 in the afternoon to level that panda or new char or whatevs and then spend 2 hours playing with the auction house selling/buying things and then wait from 8 to play in a guild until 12 o clock in the night and then before you sleep try to satisfy your selfimage of a polymath by watching a few news and series and then repeat the next morning.

    Sure, one could say go PvP and stop playing the grinding jobs in the game but even that is so limited, at the end of the day it's just highly skilled use of computer peripherals with some limited research on math. It's like an FPS game in that and it's not really an alround activity that would satisfy a human beyond the age of 14 or the intelligence of it for prolonged periods.

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    So, you're saying you're addicted and can't stop playing? I'm not sure I see any point in that opening post.
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    You're not addicted, you're choosing to play and ain't got anything more interesting competing for your time. Addiction to games = blaming games for your bad character.

    I've been true to WoW for soon 5 years, never unsubbed once and I still have plenty of stuff to do that >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> playing this game in terms of priority. Not sure what your point is with this thread tbf.
    Why people want Classic back; In Classic, you'd be considered a winner and a "hardcore" simply by reaching max level, having a few pieces epic gear and being able to stand the horrible logistics demands.
    Today, you need actual gameplay skills to get somewhere worth mentioning. So much class theorycrafting, awareness of both your class mechanics as well as those of other players/hardest tuned bosses aimed at only 1% downing them whilst they're current.

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    I don't see this producing any constructive discussion.

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