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    Quote Originally Posted by Adudu View Post
    Gara'jal is a shorter fight than what you're generally simming in simcraft. If everyone is doing around 100k dps then the fight is just over 3 minutes long. You're basically looking at a fight where you get to just pop all your heavy cooldowns for the 2nd time in execute phase with lust up and blow him away. And even then you don't see much higher numbers than 108k dps on many warriors at all. I rank 176th on him and below is our log for example.
    I simmed the fight at 4 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurimlinn View Post
    I simmed the fight at 4 minutes.
    And what DPS are you doing? Are you going inside the spirit realm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurimlinn View Post
    I simmed the fight at 4 minutes.
    One flaw of simcraft is it doesn't account for execute phase prep. EG saving all CDs/potions and 120 rage. That throws off the numbers a good bit, but doesn't change stat weights. Looking at the action priority list, it also inaccurately uses b.rage, and uses dragon roar during a CS. Finally, it's execute rotation is off. Those are just a few that stuck out after a quick 30 second glance. Still, the stat weights are *fairly* accurate, and I'm unaware of a better tool (until landsoul's spreadsheet).

    Default action list
    # count action,conditions
    5 5.00 auto_attack
    6 1.00 mogu_power_potion,if=(<20&buff.recklessness.up)|buff.bloodlust.react|targ et.time_to_die<=25
    7 7.94 use_item,name=skullrender_medallion
    8 4.00 blood_fury
    9 3.06 recklessness,use_off_gcd=1,if=((debuff.colossus_smash.remains>=5|cooldown.colossus_smash.r emains<=4)&((!talent.avatar.enabled|!set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee)&((<20|ta rget.time_to_die>315|(target.time_to_die>165&set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee)))|(talent.avatar. enabled&set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee&buff.avatar.up)))&(!talent.bloodbath.enabled|cooldown.b loodbath.remains<=3|((target.time_to_die>315&target.time_to_die<( mains))|(set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee&target.time_to_die>165&target.time_to_die<(165+cooldow n.bloodbath.remains))))|target.time_to_die<=18
    A 0.00 avatar,use_off_gcd=1,if=talent.avatar.enabled&(((cooldown.recklessness.remains>=180|buff.r ecklessness.up)|(>=20&target.time_to_die>195)|(<20&set_b onus.tier14_4pc_melee))|target.time_to_die<=20)
    B 7.43 bloodbath,use_off_gcd=1,if=talent.bloodbath.enabled&(debuff.colossus_smash.remains>=5&(tar get.time_to_die>79|(target.time_to_die<79&<20&(buff.recklessness.up|coold own.recklessness.remains>=(target.time_to_die-25)))))
    C 12.85 berserker_rage,use_off_gcd=1,if=!(buff.enrage.react|(buff.raging_blow.react=2&target.healt h.pct>=20))|(buff.recklessness.remains>=10&!buff.raging_blow.react)
    D 7.40 deadly_calm,use_off_gcd=1,if=(!talent.bloodbath.enabled&rage>=40)|(talent.bloodbath.enable d&buff.bloodbath.up&rage>=40)
    E 10.77 heroic_leap,use_off_gcd=1,if=debuff.colossus_smash.up
    F 68.72 heroic_strike,use_off_gcd=1,if=(((debuff.colossus_smash.up&rage>=40)|(buff.deadly_calm.up& rage>=30))&>=20)|rage>=110
    G 90.89 bloodthirst,if=!(<20&debuff.colossus_smash.up&rage>=30)
    H 11.82 wild_strike,if=buff.bloodsurge.react&>=20&cooldown.bloodthirst.remains<=1
    I 27.62 wait,sec=cooldown.bloodthirst.remains,if=!(<20&debuff.colossus_smash.up&r age>=30)&cooldown.bloodthirst.remains<=1&cooldown.bloodthirst.remains
    J 21.25 colossus_smash
    K 7.26 dragon_roar,if=talent.dragon_roar.enabled&(!debuff.colossus_smash.up&buff.bloodbath.up)
    L 19.62 execute
    M 0.00 storm_bolt,if=talent.storm_bolt.enabled
    N 66.47 raging_blow,if=buff.raging_blow.react=2|(buff.raging_blow.react&(<=20|deb uff.colossus_smash.up|buff.bloodbath.up|buff.recklessness.up|cooldown.colossus_smash.remai ns>=6|(cooldown.bloodthirst.remains>=1&buff.raging_blow.remains<=6)))
    O 21.83 wild_strike,if=buff.bloodsurge.react&>=20
    P 0.00 shockwave,if=talent.shockwave.enabled
    Q 11.34 heroic_throw
    R 4.85 battle_shout,if=rage<70&!debuff.colossus_smash.up
    S 0.00 bladestorm,if=talent.bladestorm.enabled&cooldown.colossus_smash.remains>=5&!debuff.colossu s_smash.up&cooldown.bloodthirst.remains>=2&>=20
    T 2.04 wild_strike,if=debuff.colossus_smash.up&>=20
    U 0.00 impending_victory,if=talent.impending_victory.enabled&>=20
    V 17.23 wild_strike,if=cooldown.colossus_smash.remains>=1&rage>=80&>=20
    W 0.56 battle_shout,if=rage<70
    Sample Sequence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adudu View Post
    And what DPS are you doing? Are you going inside the spirit realm?
    122k, no spirit realm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurimlinn View Post
    122k, no spirit realm.
    Would be nice to get to see the log of that, if only for my own self-improvement.

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    The only Log of my last kill is by a boomkin who went into the spirit realm, so its broken.
    I'd suggest watching a vod of Landsoul doing 150k on gara'jal.
    Fight starts at about 31mins.

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    Also bear in mind that simcraft shows your average dps, while the actualy dps can vary quite a bit depending on how many of your stacked up executes crit within the highest burst window and how many crits you generally get inside the CS windows. Fight length plays a large part, e.g. that video by landsoul has a nearly optimal fight duration for getting the highest peak when fight ends.

    Personally I don't mind the peaking dps in CS and execute phases. Makes it a lot more fun to play compared to some dull even dps you make with e.g. an arcane mage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ochron View Post
    I was hoping you had a link to a post or something where he discussed it. The fact of the matter is that the stat weights between SMF and TG are identical, besides Strength. And by by this I mean 1 point of Crit for SMF and TG are essentially equal. For whatever reason, SMF just values Strength higher.

    This would be the main reason for the argument, however, Dancing Steel still offers more Strength than Wind song can give Crit. So, even though Strength and Crit are about 1:1 for TG, DS still gives more stats.
    This was a discussion I had with Landsoul over his stream, there is no post I'm sorry.

    I can't remember his exact words, but the way he explained it at the time made sense, people were initially confused because he had DS on MH but that was only for when he played arms and as he stated the difference did not warrant re-enchanting each time. - as you can see he has windsong on oh and I can hazard a guess it isn't because it is cheaper.

    Also I am very surprised that str is so far ahead of crit for you as smf and still ahead as TG.

    For me currently crit is .94 of str as smf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfriend View Post
    That's a load of bullcrap. Fury warriors are one of the strongest, if not the strongest melee DPS class ATM.

    This is a response I made to someone on the "help my DPS" thread, and much of it probably applies here too.

    Just going to list everything I notice even if you mentioned it. If nothing else, it can be used as a basic checklist to make sure none of the more basic errors are being made. I'll take a look though and see if anything especially sticks out. Again, I willing to chat with people over skype/mumble and help out as best I can, if people want. Just send me a PM.

    1.) Fix enchants and reforges.

    2.) Fix glyphs. Should be using unending rage, CS (if no one to apply 12% armor reduc) and heroic leap. If you don't need the CS glyph you can either use the glyph of RB for AoE fights or any other one you want (I'd advise 20% movement speed if none of the others are needed).

    3.) Get a better set of trinkets, Darkmist vortex is pretty bad.

    4.) You are using HS way too much, and WS not enough. Use WS to dump rage, not HS. If you are pooling RB's correctly for a CS, you will have plenty of free GCD's to use those bloodsurge procs, or be able to use WS instead of HS.

    Ultimately, I think you are mismanaging your RB/CS/HS period. You should have 2 RBs saved going into a CS phase, and at least 100 rage. CS->RB->BT->RB->RB dumping as many HS as you can in that period (normally 2-4, depending on enrage procs/flurry/deadly calm etc). When you're ready to use BB make sure you're ready to pop CS/RB right after, so it'd be BB->DR->CS->RB->BT->RB->RB.

    Also, I see no heroic leaps (Which should be used during a CS, especially with all CDs up) and no heroic throws (which should be used during otherwise dead GCDs).

    Lastly, it's not a very good idea to start off with a BT before you pop CDs. If it procs enrage, go into your burst rotation (BB/SB/str trinket DR than reck after DR) if not wait 1 for 1 more BT. This way, you'll have extra rage, at least 1 extra RB proc, and still be under prepot for your burst.

    Execute phase is about balancing rage with enrage/cs. You want to be saving enough rage to have 4x executes in a CS, but also be enraged at the same time. You dump rage on executes, but still hit BT on CD (except during that CS phase). This gains rage, and procs enrage (remember, you do anywhere from 10-25% more damage during enrage, based on mastery).

    Lastly, remember that even DR is impacted by being enraged, so try not to use it when you aren't enraged.
    You want 1 RB going into a CS sequence. If you have 2 and the CS crits you wasted a charge.
    If you have 1 the possibilities of getting 3 RB are very good, depending on your crit chance. If CS crits, your odds are spectacular. If it doesn't, you can hope the BT does and then BzR it. Overall it's more efficient to do a 1 RB into CS playstyle then 2.
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    If you have b.rage open, but since you'll be hitting CS around every 22.5 seconds, you won't quite have b.rage for every CS phase.

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