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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    What will really raise eyebrows is that this includes MOP launch in China. WOW has been carried by China (over 60% of playerbase). So this is really more of a shock for me since I was sure we would be seeing an Asian look WOW increase the player numbers. I think the dmg in EU and US is much bigger than what BLizz makes it look like.
    That's a valid consideration for sure. It would be nice to see some statistics breaking down account types - those with multiples, banned, etc along with recently canceled subscriptions from region to region, along with new subscriptions since MoP's release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vital View Post
    It's happening

    this is the beginning of the end for wow

    this is what happens when you cater everything to casuals

    don't say i didn't warn you
    I have been reading posts like these since wrath took a sub hit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagoex View Post
    Neither do the haters.

    That said, 9.6 million is likely a statistically significant drop from "over 10 million." Anything amounting to a drop of ~5% will raise investors' eyebrows.
    LOL, the "investors" must be raising the brows up and down a whole lot if these numbers move them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assumi View Post
    God you fanboys never quit.
    Your a cock sucking hater not even 5% of the playerbase wow is still king.

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    It doesn't surprise me

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    This post reminded me I need to unsub my wife's and my own accounts.

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    I am not a hater ( i currently have an active sub) but I hope that Blizzard would concede the fact that World of Dailycraft is just not keeping people interested. Several guildies have quit because of gear disparity between others. You either have to grind dailies or get lucky in LFR. My fiancee is considering quitting because she has done dailies and run lfr since it came out, and has been stuck with a 463 weapon because she can't get a drop in lfr (with elder charms).
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    just about where i was expecting the numbers to be. i honestly was expecting anything other than a 500k swing in either direction. WoW's heyday is long past and has been for awhile. people will claim that other people who claim WoWs heyday was BC are just wearing rose colored tinted glasses but i really believe its the truth. it was a time period in which i had the most fun out of just about any game ive ever played.

    for me personally BC was a new beginning, it was something out of the ordinary. WOTLK came around and it had me hooked because i wanted to see the ending of Arthas. Cata proved to me that WoW was essentially the same thing its always been but that they had killed off any meaningful characters i once cared about (even though i remember deathwing from wc2). this was a major reason i quit during Cata. it wasnt because of the gap in content releases, it wasnt because there were imbalances across the classes. it was because after playing the game for as many years i had i realized it was essentially the same thing it was when i first started playing.

    before people jump on my ass about my opinion id like to say that i dont think WoW is a bad game. in fact i love blizzard games, warcraft 1 was the first computer game i ever played and ive played them all ever since, with the exception of MoP and SC2, but i truly believe that this games best days are behind them. WoW will continue to be popular, it will continue to sell well in all its incantations and the sub number will ( i believe at least) probably rise again above 10 million subscribers. unfortunately for someone who loves the WoW lore as much as me, this doesnt translate into an enjoyable game

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    Quote Originally Posted by OscaR View Post
    LOL, the "investors" must be raising the brows up and down a whole lot if these numbers move them.
    there making more money than last year. thats all that matters. wow could have 3 million subs as long as profits are up for it they dont care

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    More dailys.... less players...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    mists ISNT a game, its dlc.
    No, it's expansion, and not dlc (which means "download content"). Which is more like a new game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OscaR View Post
    LOL, the "investors" must be raising the brows up and down a whole lot if these numbers move them.
    It raised enough eyebrows for an investor to ask a question regarding the stability of the player base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assumi View Post
    God you fanboys never quit.
    Just like you haters.

    Why do I even bother with these threads....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Courierrawr View Post
    So what? A decline is a decline, WoW's "golden age" is long over, the game is going to keep losing players, will you still be using that defense when it's down to 3 million players?
    Yes, because the crowd you're in have been saying "WOW IS DYING" every time it loses subs, and then going "Meh, it's not that many" whenever they gained subs. When that time comes, I'm going to be sure to ram the numbers down people's throats and say that it's still doing well.

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    i knew guildwars was gonna keep leeching subs, i bet swtors free to play model have pulled subs from wow aswell!! now okay i am joking it is more than likely just because the game is aging and people go on in the search for their next holy grail. Besides this is not stopping me from logging in and having fun so there is no good reason i should care about the subscription numbers.

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    Nuff said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Champxoxo View Post
    Morhaime just said "majority of the loss is from China"; which suprised me a lot.

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    By god people take any chance to claim wow is on the decline... All that's going to happen is a bunch of people re-sub for next patch, burn out while waiting for last patch, maybe re-sub again, a tonne of people with leave because of the ICC syndrome and next expansion pops up epic trailer, everyone's hyped, back to 10 million subs for a few months. Then the cycle repeats itself.

    I think people don't give Blizz enough credit when it comes to bouncing back from 500k~ sub losses, in the end this means nothing to me, I'm still gonna play the hell out of the game and enjoy it :3

    Also kinda surprised that D3 got that many sales considering all the things it lacked in, wondering if they counted the annual pass subscribers into that 12 million.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    you can still sub to swtor too does that mean it doesnt have a free to play option and that it ever had more subs than wow?
    You do know that only ROi was F2P.....while RO was Sub/pre-paid cards.

    Also the F2P servers didn't really come into play till 07/08

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    I don't really see what the big deal is. People drop their sub for all sorts of reasons.

    Year-end vacation is over. No time.
    Tired of current content.
    Simply burned out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pugnasty007 View Post
    I remember World of Warcraft as it used to be, not the casual abomination it has become.
    Heh. If WoW was still the way it was when it launched, Blizzard would be down to 1 million subs by now. Zero content for non-raiders. Raiding being only for the hardcore 5%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blapis View Post
    No, it's expansion, and not dlc (which means "download content"). Which is more like a new game.
    dlc and expansion are the same thing

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