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    I'm glad the Midwest is warm and most of our snow has melted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadvolcanoes View Post
    Really? That kinda blows. I mean I don't mind one huge storm a year, but every week?
    Well, when the snow starts coming here it comes a shitload of it at the same time, maybe 30-40cm in just a few days. We probably have around 3-4 feet of snow by the roads and on open fields right now. But it snow quite a lot up here and usually when it snows we get maybe 10-20 CM every time. It depends a lot from year to year tho.

    But the people who works to get the snow away from the roads is usually doing a great job and during the winter and they work pritty much 24/7 aswell so its not that big of a problem. It really needs to snow A LOT to actually interrupt the normal life up here.
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    I'm under one of the two storm systems (in Toronto). There's about a foot of snow on the ground already and shows no sign of letting up. it's snowing pretty hard.

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    Is everyone alive? This is the biggest snow storm I've ever been through...

    32 inches (81cm) of snow...Mother of god....just dug out two cars in two hours....
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    weeeee I love snow

    Got a good 2 ft here! maybe more idk havent measures

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    yea my uncle lives about a half hour drive from Boston. sux for him and his. hope they alright.

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    Hard to really gauge how much we got in the city, it gets cleared pretty quickly and it didn't even start sticking until early evening. They said there was about a foot in Central Park, but probably only around 8-9 total stuck on the roads total.

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    26.9" at the center of Long Island.

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    i got 3 feet on the border of the shades of purple in mid connecticut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slackjawsix View Post
    Another storm is hitting Sandy hit areas and north of it. 1ft in NY about 2 feet in New England and heavy wind. So in short i need someone to beat up if my power goes out for a week again like it did Sandy any takers? I will just need to force my anger upon someone if my power goes down.
    Not much of a blizzard here in NY/NJ more up north and parts of long island. I got like 16 inches give or take.
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    I'd be genuinely curious to see how the news here would react if a snow storm of this magnitude hit the UK, considering the fact they've used titles such as "SNOWMAGEDDON" to describe this rather mild winter.

    On another note, with a storm that bad, I wonder how the homeless are holding up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRO90X View Post
    This blizzard is going to suck. My boss wants our store open no matter what, if theres actually a foot of snow, im not getting out of my plowed in driveway tomorrow morning.
    Where do you work?

    That seems silly, the store isn't gonna make any money if noone can commute to get there.

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    Good luck and stay safe posters in the New England area!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    I'm glad the Midwest is warm and most of our snow has melted.
    lol we still have 6~+ inches left on the ground North of Chicago, IL. =S
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    It wasn't as bad as I expected. Only about a foot and a half here.

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    We only got about 4 inches in central NJ. Wish we got more!
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    Just finished snowblowing 2 feet of snow from my very steep driveway, good times.

    Least I never lost power during the storm, so I could play games all through the night!

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    Got like 8ish in Central Jersey where I'm at (Rutgers).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    I'm glad the Midwest is warm and most of our snow has melted.
    Not sure where your at, its nasty her ein kansas today.

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    Well I got 38 inches here in northeastern CT haha, good god it was a pain in the ass to clear shit plus having a 1/4 mile driveway sucks
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    A message from Florida.

    stay safe!

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