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    I'll make a new one for 5.2.

    I'm forever frost. If anyone ever wants to talk frost mage stuffs feel free to battle tag me: Akraen#1848

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    We got our kill on Tuesday! YAY! Seemed to be last hurdle we needed to move onto something else. (really was sick of MSV LOL) We got H Blade Lord last night and moving on to H Windlord tonight.

    I tried both frost/arc for H Will, we seemed to have adds under control so I ended up staying arc. I used IW - and it was really nice being able to move and not worry about having to keep dropping a rune. The burst was pretty good as well. Our RL changed around spark soaking and I think that helped out.

    Thanks again to everyone that replied with tips and suggestions, was really helpful for me. =)

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    Yup, grats, always a pleasure to help.

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