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    Question Am I Crazy Or Just old school

    Ive played fora good amount of time now on and off. I left during mid cat disbanding a guild that primarily raided and I returned just recently returned for mists and I already want to quit im not writting this to be a wow hater and talking smack about it. I just want to see that im not crazy wow just isnt the same. Lfr and all these other things they added just kills it for me I feel wow players knew there class and you could tell the good from the bad now the game feels "dumbed" down. And at this point I have to remind ppl im not writing to be a hate monger and bash wow I loved the game and was a wow addict for 6+ years of my life its just feels like it lost its edge trying to appeal to a certain group.I wanna hear what ppl have to say regarding this probably 10000 plus of the same post other ppl said the same thing .

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    It's changed or you've changed. Or both. If you don't like it, quit. Personally the raids are amazing this patch, LFR is a walk through, but the real shit is awesome.

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    Blizzard try to market their game to the largest possible audience, sometimes that means losing some people, people who liked it a specific way, it's a shame when it happens to you but that's just business.

    However I would suggest that you try to get yourself into a HC guild if possible, seems you feel like the game is too easy, I'd like to just step in and say it's not as easy as people like to make out if you are doing the right content.

    I'd say maybe give it a bit more time, and if you're still unsure then leave for something else entirely I guess. Hope this helped.

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