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    Throne of Thunder, Destruction normal wish list (Mastery/GoSac)

    Hey there, fellow forum goers.

    I had a little spare time, so I decided to compile a little list over desirable gear for Destruction warlocks speccing GoSac in the normal version of Throne of Thunder. The intent for this was to try and figure the optimal gear before I go there, and for that I'd like your input. Is there any part of this list you disagree with?

    Working link this time!

    I realize there is an excessive amount of crit present in this list, but truth be told, there really weren't many mastery based items without haste to select from.

    edit2: Also, I shouldn't have written BiS list... "Wishlist" was what I were thinking for the title. ^_^
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    Dunno about anyone else but I can't see this list you've made :P

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    Mind if I roll need? xskarma's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by domonationn View Post
    Dunno about anyone else but I can't see this list you've made :P
    Me neither. He tried to direct image link from google docs, which doesn't work, you need to upload it first. Also tried to see the list to see if I could direct link it, but it's locked away, so no dice there either.

    I'll leave this open for a bit longer, but at the moment this thread has no use.

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    can't see the list, for whatever reason.

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    Hey there, sorry for not noticing this. I've updated the list, and also updated the settings so people should be allowed to see it.
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    still not working m8, now it opens but it opens blank document.

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