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    Monkey King (first inception)

    I was re-watching Forbidden Kingdom last night, one of the central characters being "The Monkey King" obviously Wukong is kind of a reused archetype, but where did the first idea come from?

    I looked it up and found that Journey to the West is a chinese novel from the 16th century that has a similar character. (obviously haven't read it myself).

    Anybody read it? Worth reading?

    Does anyone know of an earlier creation centered around The Monkey King?

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    all in all all literature is always worth reading if you're interested in it, but stuff written 400 years ago ain't exactly light reading.

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    I've read Journey to the West, I'm also a HUGE fan of the old school Japanese TV show "Monkey" which is roughly based on the same book.

    It's WELL worth reading if you have an interesting in chinese history, folklore or Buddhism and the show is worth watching full stop.
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    Sun Wukong/Monkey King is literally everywhere. Hell, just check the adaptation list here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...ey_to_the_West

    He's an extremely popular character.

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    Lol yea i remember i was in a ranked game when i saw enemy wu on /all chat

    infracted, please post constructively.
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