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    [A][Kel'Thuzad-PvP] <Ten Foil Hats> Top US raiders starting new-founded guild LFM

    A few buddies and I have decided to just start fresh, ever since I went semi-casual in Cataclysm from my guild, I have server and guild hopped several times looking for my new home to raid with. I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to recreate the atmosphere that I missed when I raided hardcore was to create it myself, with the help of a few friends. We are all top50 US raiders in our prime with several server first kills under our belt and gladiator's for you PvPers. I myself have been a raid leader, healing officer, and recruitment officer for a top50 guild, so the experience is there.

    Starting a new guild at level 1 is no small feat with the current guild leveling system in place. Nobody has the patience to want to build something, they would rather walk into something ready, regardless of its quality. I am here to reach out to you all, we are about half-way strong to start our 10man raid core with no more pugs. My goal is to eventually reach the top 5 guilds for this server, while still maintaining a non-hardcore raiding schedule.

    As of right now are raiding schedule is as follows:
    Monday 11pm - 2am
    Tuesday 11pm - 2am
    Wednesday 11pm - 2am
    Sunday 11pm - 2am *only raid Sunday if a progression kill was very imminent the prior raid night*

    We are already 4/16 HM experienced this tier.

    Right now we have room for the following:

    1 tank (non-dk)
    1 healer (pref swing)
    3 dps (one w/ heroism is a plus)

    So help us create the raiding environment we all search for so passionately when we are looking for that new home! I strive for a fair, fun, and friendly atmosphere, but ready to get down to business when the time calls for it, just without the raging over vent when mistakes are made. Help us make your new home your final one!

    My battletag is: Matheney#1544
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