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    scariest weapon (real or imaginative)

    what the scariest weapon you can think of other then instant world blow up things.

    bullets/ bombs that turn you in to a zombie thing.
    earthquake controller

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    A justin beiber CD.
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    bioweapons, lab created diseases to be used on entire populations.

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    Walking alone into a dark house when the door closes and a chainsaw starts revving up.

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    Thinking about weapons like this in search for a reply made me feel sick.
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    PMS inducement control.

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    I'm more scared of knives than guns for some reason. At least the thought of getting stabbed over getting shot. And maybe not the worst thing ever to a lot of people but at the moment one of the worst things I could think of would be a gun that shot spiders at you. Those big-eyed jumping ones. Fuck them. And then it would shoot a huge net. And then something would be put over you so you'd be completely in the dark. And then you'd be carried off and dropped into open water with one enormous great white. So I guess if a weapon could do all of this to you it'd have to be a robot built specifically for the purpose of shooting you with it's spider and net gun, placing you in a dark room of some sort that it had on hand...then it would pick you up with it's robotic arms and place you into it's own gigantic tank of water where it's been housing a gigantic great white.
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    Giant acid spewing spike covered radiated eye-beam shooting mantis that can fly.... and eats PLANETS

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    A mind control device that turns people into self-cannibals.

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    Sharks with wings (Sharks that could live outside water of course). Sounds pretty scary to me.

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    A weapon or device that can spawn black holes of any size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jemd13 View Post
    Sharks with wings (Sharks that could live outside water of course). Sounds pretty scary to me.
    Sharks with lazer beams.

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    Nuclear weapons

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    A dentist's drill...No!!!!

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    Else.... A... uhm... Particle Seperator? I mean, getting ripped apart particle by particle... That gotta be horrible?
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    there are two ways to think here: most brutal or scariest everyday thing that can be used to kill.
    brutal: zombie virus
    scariest: The Human hand. The number of exploitable weak points that the human body has is very scary.
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    Sharks with lazer beams.
    an undead playing guitar riding T-Rex riding a shark with lasers. aka Epicus Maximus
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    Pretty much any Necron weaponry.

    Gauss Weapons are a form of exotic energy weapon used exclusively by the ancient and extremely powerful xenos species called the Necrons. These weapons destroy the enemy by firing a green-tinged blast of lightning-like energy that shears apart the target's atomic bonds, literally stripping their bodies apart atom by atom and molecule by molecule.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post
    A justin beiber CD.
    And the first comment wins! I would much rather fight a Gladiator than have to listen to one of those:P

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    Sick Stick from Minority Report

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