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    You couldn't go from sitting (eating/drinking) to casting. Same thing while mounted.
    Mage had to talent evocation.
    Mages had to put 3 points in arcane explosion to make it instant (1.5sec cast).
    PoM Pyro.
    Windfury proccing off itself.
    Bubble heart.
    10 man instances.
    Flight paths didn't link, so you had to choose the next flight path every time you landed.
    Pots had a 3mins cooldown but could be used repeatedly during an encounter.
    Resil used to reduce the chance you were crit, it wasn't changed to damage reduction until Wotlk.
    PvP trinkets didn't all work the same, they were class specific.
    Speaking of which, class specific items. And class specific quests.
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    I remember Dishonorable kills.

    Ratchet didn't have a flight path.

    Hunters had to do a quest to get their level ten pets, then once they tamed one, they couldn't use it until they ran to their capitol city to train the proper spell for feeding and healing it.

    You had to tame wild beasts to learn the abilities you wanted your pet to know. This included upgrading their current abilities Bite(3) to Bite(4). Some wild beasts were better than others (The Rake, Broken Tooth), and King Bangalash was desireable because he was the only creature with that one talent that gave him haste. I can't remember what it's called anymore, but it wasn't a learnable ability. If you untrained him, he couldn't get it back.

    The gorilla quest in STV was a pain unless you had help. So was the quest in Silithus where you had to kill the elite scorpid and his two cronies. Pretty much any elite was a pain without a group.

    Azuregos' shouts had a huge range and could be seen in Orgrimmar.

    The Druid level ten quest to get bear form. All that running around! I don't know how many times I died from traveling, and then to the elite sharks that swam in the waters along the coast.

    The game is better now.
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    No one mentioned that only Dwarf priests were able to cast Fear Wards in Vanilla (and later on Draenei too in TBC), Night Elf priests had Starshards and Elune's Grace and so on.. (bottom of the page)

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    If the boss had a fear mechanic the only class that could tank it was a warrior unless you had several dwarf priests.

    Very fond memories of getting the Rohk'delar and when 2.0 hit ... hunters in pvp made warriors now look like lambs ... lol and when you would "cast" an aimed shot from shadowmeld

    When 2000 dps was thought very very good.

    Having to press shield block every 6 sec or a grisly death would likely follow.

    12 hrs AV battles being considered short ....
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    Used to have to carry four totems around with me, taking up bag space. The horror.

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    Warrior stance dancing and the real hunter deadzone.

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    Doing the Whirlwind Axe quest as a noob warrior.
    Dreadsteed Quest as a warlock.
    Stealth (as for hiding in the forest) your way to goddamn SM , being so much afraid that a lvl 60 will kick the shit out of your poor ass.
    Run with your stupid rare mount horse in EPL when you are already scared to death, then encounter Nathanos with his fucking dogs.
    JizzInPants when you bought your first epic mount.
    Walk near a Rank14 Grand Marshal paladin, and just think he is a god.
    Opening of AQ gates.

    When time travel will be a valid option In the future, Going back to those times will be the first thing ill do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badhairday View Post
    Halls of Reflection destroyed quite many groups as well, not sure if that was due to the difficulty or because people were dumbed down by the easiness of wotlk dungeons I'd add Shadow Lab to the list too
    HoR runs were heavily dependant on quality and class of tank, especially before the nerf that reduced RNG on the spawns (getting 3 mages on the 5 adds wave was pretty much GG in PUG). Honestly, it was easier for me to tank it with barely epic warrior than with full TotC geared DK..

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    I remember when you loved a class so much esp Druids you actually had a seperate toon for each spec lol

    Oh and being invited to a raid as druid just for ur brez and expected to throw heals irregardless of your spec (i was a Bal druid in vanilla)

    Druid code and helping lowbies with the westfall part of the swim form quest and the posioned deer quest in darkshore lol

    Actually seeing another Boomkin in a 40man raid was rare, saw 2 plus me in a MC run once...
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    Pepperidge Farm remembers!

    Quote Originally Posted by Schadow View Post
    Water Shield having charges ( ;_; ).
    Who the hell would miss that? I am so glad it is gone because it was a pain in the ass in PvP. I still by habbit keep hitting my watershield button.
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    I remember giving loads and loads of Runecloth to Ironforge and Darnassus to reach exalted. Then, I could learn Tiger riding and Ram riding. Being a human, I couldn't learn Mechastrider riding though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asacado View Post
    We had to have reagents to cast buffs and had to reach a defense rating of 540 to even tank?
    and mounts and pets all took up bag space. and bags were a lot smaller than they are now. Yes I remember those days. Things are much better now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspect of Death View Post
    wait for 3 sunders before you could attack.
    Three? I remember when it was five.

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    Getting all them Paladins to coordinate for buffs (with Pallypower I believe?) and asking them to buff my pet ;D;D Good times.

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    Thank god buffs dont require reagents anymore. Lots of stuff that brings back great nostalgic memories, but at the same time I dont miss most of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h4rr0d View Post
    You do realize that during the times he's talking about there was no lifebloom right?
    Yes. What I meant was when TBC was released and all you did to 'top meters' was get 2 spell power trinkets, pop them, then stack lifebloom on the tanks and they'd keep that original spellpower value, so you'd just keep them up all fight; negating the use of Rejuv.

    Hence.... "What is this rejuv"

    Also... if it hasn't already been mentioned:

    Honour lag..... for us Oceanic players it'd come right in the middle of raid time....

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    Anyone remember that level 40 and 60 mounts could be bought and traded, and your rep with Org or whatever race gave discounts? I would spam chat to get a 60 to buy me a mount when I got up the money, since it was cheaper to pay them for the mount to buy, than to have to save up that much more to buy it with your own rep. And at one time, mounts were hella expensive, and the training was cheap, then they switched it. I had bought a mount before I could ride it, and it cost me a lot, then with the change, I couldn't afford the training. Good times.

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    800g for my epic pally mount.... *shudder*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blimey View Post
    remember when slower weapon speed meant bigger backstabs?

    2.00 speed barman shanker...
    LOL I remember this. Not from vanilla, TBC or wotlk. But from cataclysm. I was lucky to get the barman shanker at the VERY last day of brewfest. Was doing 18k-20k crits.

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    3 sec mount cast

    army of the dead/bloodlust etc usable in arenas

    shadow of death


    thunderclap 4 target cap (pre-shockwave)
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