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    i like to sleep during the day because i like to be alone most of the time and during the night i dont have as many people to deal with.
    Why does the number of people around you change per day. What's your living situation like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    Why does the number of people around you change per day. What's your living situation like.
    i live at home with my parents who are retired and my sister who's single mother with 2 daughters. her ex has visitation rights or something like that so he gets them once every 2 weeks. sometimes my parents go out on their own and my sister goes out as well leaving me alone for hours at a time. parents are planning to go on vacation this spring leaving us 2 home alone.i am currently planning to return to school for 2nd term finish up my education. waiting for them to return the 800$ they borrowed before i do though. at nighttime most of the time everyone else is in bed. during the day they are all downstairs.

    still dont have a license cause i awful at driving apprantly according to the grading people. failed 2 times with f's both times. only have 20+ credits out of 60 left to take. so only 2 semesters maybe of tech college. not sure if i will go on to get my bachelors to go for cpa. want to but too expensive to go to regular college. currently working part time since no one else is hiring so is the only job i have right now. better than nothing. have enough money saved now to finish up my education soon as i get paid back at least i hope i do. dont have a girlfriend or friends so that leaves me with lots of spare time. my only friend and me went seperate ways a long time ago. funny thing is we still live 2 blocks apart yet we almost never see each other. he works full time.

    wish i could stay up tonight playing might & magic 3 but alas i have work tomorrow so i cant. i spend a lot of my nights staying up but now im trying to get back into a normal sleeping pattern. going to bed before 1:00/2:00 pm and getting up by 10 pm latest.
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    Rahhh can't sleep. I took a nap today since I was tired from working out and eating.

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    All the mods hate me. I tend to rant at night and thats about every night about WoW and how it used to be good ranging from Hitler.
    You've probably never heard of him.

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    In IRC you rant?

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    I sleep at about 2-3am every night, mostly because I work from 8pm-1am and I want to catch up with friends/things before going to bed. Then wake up at 9 and do the day again.
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    What is there to do when being up all night? I'm fraid the sun is rising soon and yet another night has passed without being able to sleep.

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    i cant able to sleep all night and can't able wake all day

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    2:13AM EST...Where are you sleep?! D=

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    I'm always up all night. That's when life's the best.

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    Well, I only stay up if I don't have anything to do the next day. Right now I sleep during the night and up during the daytime. When school hits I will be up at night on the weekends and sleeping at night during the week. I just got a new laptop so I will be on the forum a lot now. The laptop is for school and I'm going to use it to post on the forums. Everyone have a good night and I hope you get EPIC LOOT in your travels.

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    When I decide to stay up late at night, I realise how loud my keyboard can actually be. it's very annoying.

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    i stay up playing assassins creed and eating chips

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    i've been staying up trying to finish phantasy star ii as of late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splenda View Post
    If I let myself, I'd be completely nocturnal. Sleeping during the day feels pleasant to me. It's 1:37 am for me right now. I'll be forcing myself to sleep soon ;_;
    This was the same with me with my two-week Holiday Break.
    Its a bitch trying to snap out of that habit and stay awake during courses >.<

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