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    My sister and I haven't talked in two years

    So, the story is, I had just graduated college and was floating around life, I was doing drugs and drinking heavily, somehow I ended up living with my sister. I didn't pay any bills making $1200 a week and didn't have a dollar to show for it, I partied it all away. She started asking me to move out, indirectly. I misread this as an attack and took action, we fought back in fourth for 2 days saying things that I shouldn't have. I went straight to the low blow, I told her I would call CPS and start all kinds of drama, she hung up. She hired a lawyer, he payed me 1k to move out and I did. I miss her as she was a defining person in my life well before all this happened, she was an inspiration to me and I feel lost without her. I wrote her this tonight and she hasn't responded to it yet. If you read it would you try?

    I miss you, I'm not going to beat around the bush, the words that were said and the actions that were taken were the wrong ones. I was a drug addict and lost in life. I was told not to contact you by the lawyer or the agreement would be voided, 1k isn't enough. I would gladly pay that to contact you again. Trying to not think of you isn't working, I miss you. You are strong and I WAS weak. I used you, I feel like such a shitbag for it too. Now that your not around I feel like I am missing something important in my life that I can't not have. I hope that you will forgive my actions and words, I am not asking you to forget what happened. I just wish we could talk again. If not, that's okay. I said and did things that were wrong, and still are. You were and still are a part of my life in the way you live your life and I wish I could still have you in mine. If you don't wish to respond to this, I won't try to contact you again, I will just let you live. But, I hope to come to a resolution as I don't want what happened to be the defining moment in the awesome time we had. I just wanted to reach out to you because I was doing the wrong thing to a person I should have gave the world to in the way you opened your world to me. I love you Christine, I'm sorry.
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    In a word? No.

    You took full advantage of her hospitality and threw it in her face for an unnumbered amount of time while bringing who-knows-what into her home. When she didn't even directly ask you to move out you then threaten to call CPS on her, and that's the only thing you named with "all kinds of drama"... I can only imagine what else you threatened her with, that you threatened her family with. How dare you? And so you continue harassing her by violating the agreement you willingly consented to for a mere pittance... if I were her, not only would I not give you a chance, but I would bring the full force of the law against you, for everything you may have done and are doing now.

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    Personally I don't stay angry long and if I felt your words were sincere would open up basic communication given enough time.

    Was pondering this some more, it's possible her behaviour changed because of your past actions. I know my sister has missed a couple important
    events in my kids lives over the years because of really stupid b.s. reasons (my opinion), so I stopped inviting her and her family to just about everything.
    I'm not angry, just hurt and realized that I was low on her priority list so I stopped trying. It's possible your past together has changed her thinking/behaviour
    where a response to the letter just won't come or perhaps it was not even read.

    Either way best of luck to you, give it time, be patient.

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    Ohhh I wanna know what happened.

    I don't think I'd forgive you that easily but she sounds like a nice person so...

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    Sorry to hear that. Anyway, every problem can be solved. You should talk first...

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    Give her some time to read and decide. I'd understand if she doesn't want to speak to you again, but I reckon she will find it very appreciated to read something like this.
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    I would have read and forgave it it were my family member but I would definitely keep my distance in the future. Curious as to what happened if you have a chance to update.

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