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    That's super hot. Just saying.

    Worn right, men in converse are sexy as all getout. Especially with a nice suit, in my opinion.
    Don't. Ever. Breed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valort View Post
    Don't. Ever. Breed.
    i dont get it. different people have different tastes.
    say no to draenei. draenei are evil. stop the draenei menace! death to draenei! join the anti draenei taskforce today!
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    Truck shiny.Truck go vroom-vroom!
    Brawndo, it has electrolytes. :P
    typical draenei logic. sin'dorei dominate draenei on the battlefield,in the classroom,on the sports field,and the bedroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breadisfunny View Post
    i find converse all stars to be one of those types of clothes that both sexes look equally good in.
    Definitely, I've got a pair of high tops I've had since high school. Love them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valort View Post
    Don't. Ever. Breed.
    Someone has a different opinion than you? Uh oh, better insult them.

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    I've Adidas and nike shoe but I also got recently hush puppies shoes in brown color.........
    That's a very comfortable and easy to walk........

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    my new shoes.. I love them

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