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    I think I might have found something ...

    We're all looking for the leaks, the clues, that'll point towards Warlords of Draenor information. They've been pretty watertight this year, but I think they may have slipped up big time on this one.

    In the image below, you can clearly see something very suspicious. In the left image, there is no Engineering Mat, but in the Right, by simply changing my Camera Angle, it appears.

    I think this is pointing towards a secret, one-way camoflague Tinker Class that is still to be announced in the upcoming expansion, but that's just wild speculation. What do you think? Aliens, Illuminati, The British Royal Family?

    Who is to blame for this, and what could it mean!?

    Full Size Image: http://i.imgur.com/wqmok1R.jpg

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    Oh come on. You had to pull me in.

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    I saw this a few weeks back and assumed it was a bug and thought nothing more of it but now you've got me thinking haha

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    Tinkerer class confirmed for having stealth.

    Big thanks to Yoni for making this Avatar and Signature!

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    New non-combat profession perks sneak-peak:

    Tailors - Craftable invisble carpets.
    Engineers - Special goggles that allows you to detect said carpets!

    more to come.

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