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Thread: Grounding Totem

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    Grounding Totem

    Can someone clarify to me if Grounding Totem work on the next casted spell if it's already in progress? For example, warlock starts casting Chaos Bolt, 1/2 way through cast and I get blitzed by it. Is this lag? Intended? I think it would be crazy if I had to predict when he was about to begin casting it. It usually happens in the heat of a big battle so I can never tell what it actually eats for a spell. Also, can it not eat silences anymore? I feel as if I've had a number of times when I've predicted the silence coming, dropped tremor, boom silenced. Also seems to be the same for Deep. Thanks for any imput!

    P.S. I love having my thumb up my but as and Enh because I'm locked out of completely everything during a blanket silence of skill.

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    Grounding totem is currently designed to take all spells cast used against a friendly player until it is destroyed. This allows for things like a frostbomb into deepfreeze to take both. As for a mid-cast grounding. As long as the grounding is placed prior to cast completion (this may depend on latency and lag) it will absorb the next opposing cast. Be advised if another spell is absorbed prior to chaos bolts release animation, it will not absorb it. E.g. a mage silence or polymorph.

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    Missile Spells are very vulnerable for Grounding, as Grounding is destroyed until the missile reaches grounding (~0.5 sec).

    Spells without Missile (CS / Sheep / DF) however are tricky because they destroy grounding instantly, DF is difficult to ground because of the Glyph that takes DF off GCD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    DF is difficult to ground because of the Glyph that takes DF off GCD.
    That actually makes it more vulnerable to grounding, because a mage will dual cast it. E.g. a frost bomb into a deepfreeze, frostfirebolt (instant) into deepfreeze

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    wish grounding totem wasnt so useless in raids

    so many abilities that are cast that grounding totem isnt allowed to soak.

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    It's random this totem. Times I can ground a cast mid way by dropping it and times where it just does not want to do what it's told.

    I guess this would depend on lag. From what I know if you see someone casting and they at half, chances are that they already finished it on their screen.
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    Are there any spells that Grounding Totem soaks in PvE raids?

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    It is worth noting that Monk's Zen Meditation redirects spells to the monk during this spells channel in the same way Grounding Totem does, with the same PvE limitations. Interrupting the channel through crowd-control, melee attack, or actual interrupt (like Wind Shear) will stop the channel and prevent further spells from being redirected.

    I use a WeakAuras script to show a graphic when Grounding Totem is up, and use a spell to knock it down so my important spells will not be prevented. Summons such as Wild Imps, Mirror Images, Gargoyle etc will have their spells grounded and destroy the totem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psir View Post
    Are there any spells that Grounding Totem soaks in PvE raids?
    When glyphed it does wonders on Cowardice
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    Quote Originally Posted by psir View Post
    Are there any spells that Grounding Totem soaks in PvE raids?
    Worked on Maiden of Virtue's holy fire in Kara and Mimiron's head plasma ball. A couple of the top of my head

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