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    [RESTO] Tsulong 10 man heroic advice needed!

    Hello all,

    Yesterday me and my guild had our first decent tries at tsulong heroic. While we had a few struggles with the night phase, the major issue was the complete and utter chaos in the light phase. We had a hpriest, hpala and resto shammy(myself) as healers, with the priest focusing mostly on the group and me and the hpala on tsulong. Our strategy was to wait for 2 beams, me and the hpala would each claim one. Then, 6s before the breathe Guardian spirit would be put on tsulong, we would use the beams and out cds and spam the boss while getting into position for the iminent breath. My first is: is this viable? Most of the vids i've seen they were using gs on the first breath with only 1 healer taking the beam.

    Also, rotation wise i was trying this: 10s before breath i would: riptide boss (earth shield was already on)->healing stream totem->healing rain on the ground->unleash elements-> (6-7s before breath) i would interact with the beam, use Ancestral guidance, Ascendance, int pot, spiritwalker's grace, Ancestral swiftness into an instance healing surge and keep spamming healing surges while i get into position for the breathe and after that keep spamming healing surges while i have the buff. Is this optimal? Am i complicating myself by using hst and hr before? Should i use riptide again after the beam debuff ends to get another 2 stacks of tidal waves? Should i use the instant heal on a surge or a greater healing wave?

    Also, this is my armory profile edit: can't post links just search for Kaeltor on Wildhammer EU.

    As you can see i don't have any tier items (because i'm main spec elemental), is it worth getting the 4-set bonus from LFR?

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    The set bonus isnt that mandatory. Your rotation seems to be fine (and everything else u saying healing wise). Basically I dont see anything you doing wrong and if you do it exactly how u said I wouldnt worry about it at all. The only true difficulty in fight what I see is transition from night to day phase. Are you using Bloodlust to kill last big add and clear everything asap when night come?
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    Tbh we never got that far. Most of the times ppl were getting gimped by bolts. Is it worth it me dropping grounding, btw?

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    You should use riptide and healing stream totem when you have the light beam buff; both em get the effect for the full duration. Other than that, your tactic seems just fine.
    There are couple of things your dps's/tanks should be aware of: it's easier to dispel terrorize if they don't stun the mobs when the timer tells terrorize is coming, so you can dispel it instantly as you see the timer. The exception is that if terrorize is coming at the same time as breath - they should delay the terrorize with stuns to happen after the breath is over. And your dps's need to interrupt those bolts. If they don't, people die.
    Assuming your raid has decent gear, you shouldn't need to use Ascendance and Ancestral Guidance for healing Tsulong (your dps and healing should be enough to heal him to 100% in the first breath of 2nd day phase, or you might even kill him in the 2nd night phase). This makes your night phases a lot easier if you can use Healing Tide and Ascendance there.
    That's how we do it. I'm healing the fight as resto shammy, the other two healers are a disc priest and resto druid. We don't even use holy priest because the Guardian Spirit really isn't needed at all. Our resto druid takes one light beam and I take all the rest, priest is taking care of the raid. Priest is dispelling the boss, i'm dispelling group 1 and druid group 2.
    Remember to use your tremor totem wisely with the fears in this fight, both night and day phase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzvme View Post
    Tbh we never got that far. Most of the times ppl were getting gimped by bolts. Is it worth it me dropping grounding, btw?
    Healers shouldnt tunnel Tsulong too much and try to keep raid at full HP. Grounding works good, so yeah, it worth for using. Also ranged DPS should try interrupt that bolts casting.
    Raider since vanilla. Mage->Paladin->Shaman->Rogue.


    Absurdum - Mythic guild

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    So i'm supposed to burn the unleash elements buff on Riptide?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzvme View Post
    So i'm supposed to burn the unleash elements buff on Riptide?
    Preferably not Use it for GHW/HS, then Riptide and HST after the GHW/HS cast. After those spam as many HS's you can.

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    Thought so 1 more question. When riptide comes off cd i should still have the breathe buff on me, do i refresh the riptide i put on the boss (one i put with the beam buff) or put it on someone else or just don't cast it (but i think i need the tidal waves buff)

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    Don't overwrite your stronger riptide with a weaker one. Though you should keep it rolling on the boss 24/7. If you want to refresh tidal waves stacks before breath you can do it with chain heal or riptide someone other than the boss (though make sure your riptide is off cd when you have the healing buff, so cast it 6 seconds before the breath).

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    Cheers for the advice!

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