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    Quote Originally Posted by alduron View Post
    Who does the jumping maze in BFD? There's a much better path up the side.
    I dunno, the majority of people that do that dungeon. Can't say I've ever seen someone take the path.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peacemaker65 View Post
    After doing the first five or six raids in raidfinder I find them all to be the same formula.
    Does it now? I bolded the part where Maybe you could come back with that suggestion of "new ideas" after you

    -beat heroic Sha of Fear
    -scanned and presented us with your game designer diploma know it is late and I am bored....
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    One cause is a cognitive bias called projection bias. Essentially living inside your own head your entire life makes it exceedingly difficult to understand how others do not also live your same life, think your same thoughts, and hold your same beliefs. In many cases it's quite frustrating to try to empathize and understand why you yourself may not be the center of the universe, which generally results in one 'acting out' in various ways.
    So, in short: the internet.

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    anyone remember the spooky cave idea from april fools a few years back? it was essentially a 5 man dungeon with the lights turned out and players had torches to light the darkness with.

    it's something they haven't really experimented with yet, would work for a 1 off 5 man, but probably not so well in a raid - could be interesting though

    actually, come to think of it, they tried it with one of the dragon soul 5 mans, the bit with tyrande going crazy and having to run into the light beams
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    You expect multiplayer raid environment to compete with the design depth of a single-player game, which is impossible. Blizzard is very well aware of that as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kayhos View Post
    every video game has gamey aspects to it

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