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  • Tyrande

    115 15.03%
  • Sylvanas

    337 44.05%
  • Jaina

    197 25.75%
  • Moira

    65 8.50%
  • Aysa

    51 6.67%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    That is an amazingly powerful picture. Top notch, mad props to the artist.
    That is an incredible picture.. /bow to the artist capturing some raw emotion and powerful symbology
    Ideally no one has ever hit the level cap of the last expansion, looked at their dungeon blues, and thought "I win."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nest View Post
    I'd rather hit Mankrik's wife than Moira.
    Ewww. She been dead like 7-8 years now.

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    I voted Jaina because I'm digging the white hair. They need to give her a new model though. I can't believe she'd go on the Pandaria campaign still wearing the battered, torn up robes she wore through the Theramore incident.
    "Lordaeron belongs to the Forsaken. Always and forever!"

    Perfection is so horribly dull, don't you think?

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    If sylvanas is undead, how come she does not look rotten as hell like other undeads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    If sylvanas is undead, how come she does not look rotten as hell like other undeads?
    Banshee. Special kind of undead. Personally raised by Arthas himself. Take your pick really. Any of those could have given her a longer uh..."expiration date".
    "Lordaeron belongs to the Forsaken. Always and forever!"

    Perfection is so horribly dull, don't you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Tyrande. As useless as she is, she's the only one I don't hate out of those listed. And dat nelf fem dance.

    If Jaina offered me Dalaran for giving me a little sucky sucky I'd decline.
    So Jaina is going to offer you a blowjob and Dalaran?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alenarien View Post
    Of course Sylvanas is going to win when you consider;

    1) Necro T&A
    2) A wonderfully one dimensional personality
    3) Spectacular decline in story quality post-WOTLK
    4) In-game and artistic representation that could not be any further away from the literary representation (Of a rotting, undead Elf; which is precisely what she is)

    Regarding the list, I can't say I like any of them. Jaina, maybe, but i'd have preferred to have seen her unleash some righteous fury as opposed to essentially being told, "Down girl!", by Malygos, and reverting to her usual, dull and neutral self.
    Haters gonna hate.
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    I am a Jaina guy

    I must say compared to the amount on the mens board, this one comes up pretty short of female character leaders

    non leader though will always be Skyguard Khatie
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    Tyrande wins for me (by far), since you didn't post Ishanah, who represents Draenei when Velen is meditating.

    While I like the in game model of Sylvanas, I doubt that she would look that hot, considering her background.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    If sylvanas is undead, how come she does not look rotten as hell like other undeads?
    This appears to be relevant it appears when undead are raised their body is in a refrigerated state. Because her body was mostly intact when she got a hold of it and her body is like the DK's it didn't damaged by the plague like how the forsaken are.
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    I still think Alextrasza wins...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfen View Post
    It is hottest racial leader, not which racial leader you want to bang the hell outta till next expansion.

    Sylvanas is the hottest, as she has not decomposed upon her outter skin. Until that starts, she will be the hottest.
    Now which to bang the hell outta? furry love from me =D
    But both of those points go hand in hand. I, for one, Will want to bang the hottest racial leader till 5.2...

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    Quote Originally Posted by blixsauce View Post
    Sylvanas. Fungus and mold down there or not, I'd tap that.
    You gonna have to double or even triple up on your "protection"

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    I still think Alextrasza wins...
    Yeah I'd have voted for her, but she isn't in the poll.

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    Sylvanas if her body isnt rotten like most undead.
    Jaina is a close second
    also would like to have seen on this list:
    Sally Whitemane

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    I wonder how it feels to look into the eyes of any race with glowy eyes? Is that sexy or depressing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scummer View Post
    In all fairness Arthas cut out his own heart. Arthas more or less "died" but because of Frostmourne didn't actually drop dead and instead kept on trucking even though his body had stopped living. He is Undead, he just didn't become it through the classic sense.
    I actually meant Arthas before he became the Lich King. It was during WC3 that he had to be tagged as undead for gameplay reasons :P

    As the Lich King he's definatly undead after he threw away his hearth. It was the only thing that gave him a weakness

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