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    Ranking question

    if i just won my 3 game series to advance and have 0 points in my new division, does that mean if i lose my next game i am demoted back to the previous?

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    Pretty sure you need to loose 3 games in a row at 0 points. I lost 2 games a couple of times at 0 but never got demoted back!

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    thank you very much

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    It might be 3 loses in a row to fall, but I don't think that's it. I think it's connected with the same system that decides how much LP you lose/gain per match. Just like you lose a ton and gain very little if that system believes you are in too high of a division/league it would drop you if you are too high or keep you at 0 LP if you are fine.
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    i think someone mentioning a hidden elo at 0LP

    dunno how it works but if you lose like 3-4games in a row you will get demoted down a division(Not tier its k)
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    It's not a set number of games. I lost 2 when I was at zero (following a losing streak) and I was demoted.

    However, if your mmr is much higher than where you are, I would think it would take more than 3 games to be demoted.

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