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    Windwalker vs Destro

    Just wondering how the rest of you windwalkers handle destros? I cant seem to beat my friend ever lol.

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    Well, how I would go about it would be to:

    Pop Xuen right away, you'll have a lot of downtime because of Blood Fear, so get him out and make him assist you.
    Trinket when he's casting Chaos Bolt (if you're in Fear/Stun) and use Karma to 'reflect' the Chaos Bolt back onto him.
    Negate the next wave of Chaos-bolts with Diffuse Magic.

    I'd start off the duel with Tiger Palm -> Rising Sun -> Fists of Fury. That gives you a head-start, if you can manage to do that before he goes ape-shit bananas on you.

    Remember that you have Zen Meditation to negate magic damage as well, and Paralysis is a 8 second CC where you can heal (use Energizing Brew to get faster energy for Spheres!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuzzin View Post
    Just wondering how the rest of you windwalkers handle destros? I cant seem to beat my friend ever lol.
    Don't feel bad, most people won't admit that Locks are simply very difficult to beat. Near impossible, I am sure there are people that can beat them one on one, but I am also sure they aren't winning more than 50% of the time. There is a reason people choose locks for PvP.... Locks are pretty much at the top of the food chain in PvE and PvP.. I have a lock, not as good as what you describe, but I prefer my Shaman and I am now leveling a Monk.. hoping to level the playing field as it were.

    I had a DK, never did understand the full use of DK to the point where I could win, that's why I am now interested in Monk I looked at the spec and upcoming abilities, and I believe Monks will be the ones to beat...

    Just hang in there, don't give up.. You have to FIND the weakness, and believe me locks DO have a weakness. One major flaw I see with 1 vs 1 in PvP is people want it to be over in 5 seconds.. with a lock, there is NO WAY it will work that way, they can one shot you (if you aren't careful) but you cannot take them out, they wear cloth but Locks are extremely resilient. even without PvP gear. Locks are very strong, even when I was in Burning Crusade people complained I was cheating because they had a hard time killing me.. I know things have changed in MoP, but people have been trying to figure out "secrets" of Locks for years.. priests also.

    The trick to beating a lock is not 5 hits and kill, you have to prolong the battle. Youtube any fight involving locks and priests and those battles are anything BUT quick.... you have to out think and out last them, that's the key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjparker1 View Post
    There is a reason people choose locks for PvP.... Locks are pretty much at the top of the food chain in PvE and PvP..
    Locks are definitely flavor of the month as you can see here: http://www.crossladder.com/arena/stats/

    Touch of Karma is a nice trick to use, depending on how quick your friend is to catching it (although any Lock who has eaten a Spell Reflected Chaos Bolt has probably learned pretty quickly to know exactly what you're throwing Chaos Bolts at). Damage outside of Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn (this is deadly when you're under 20pct) is pretty negligible unless there's a severe gear discrepancy. Any Ember Taps you force him to make will equal one less Chaos Bolt (they share the same resource).

    If he's got a reddish, egg-shaped aura around his character model, that means Dark Soul is popped (2min cd). That gives us a crit buff to supercharge our Chaos Bolts and if possible these are the ones you want to reflect or shut down.

    If he's using his portal as a gap opener you should be able to FSK every time to negate that unless he has both the glyph and the glove bonus (together reducing the CD on Teleport from 30 seconds to 21 seconds ).
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    Also with lock portals drop your own portal right next to it. Transendence

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    Your reaction speed has to be better than theirs. I usually pop Touch of Karma or Diffuse Magic when their Chaos Bolt cast has 0.2 seconds left. Most of the time they won't know how to juke and waste their embers.

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