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    what are your favorite zone soundtracks?

    My favorites are

    1. Nagrand
    2.Dun Morogh especially at night
    3.Eversong Woods
    4.Tol Barad
    5. Old Tanaris / desert theme music
    6. The song played when you die and in zones with undead, Duskwood/ Plaguelands/Tirisfal Galdes/ Silverpine Ect.
    7.Vash Jir
    9. Old Orgrimmar
    10. Old Azsahra this music also played in zones like felwood and eastern plaguelands

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    I think Night Elves battle theme is really cool. Best one from entire cataclysm.

    Oh and of course this.

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    My top 3:

    Howling Fjord

    Dun Morogh

    Storm Peaks

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    World's End Tavern, listening to the ETC.
    Gunship Battle for the win!

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    everything in ToT/IoT, 5.1 Garrosh's theme, Pit of Saron, Halls of Lightning, Halls of Stone, Stonecore, and thats pretty much all i can remember. (I am a forgetful person >.>)
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    goblin theme from cata

    Grizzly hills. but its one of my favorite zones

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    I've always enjouyed this particular one.

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    Howling Fjord probably is my #1.
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    Stormpeaks, Dragon Soul (especially second half), and the Elwynn theme.

    Also Kara.

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    Howling Fjord, all of Ulduar, the Sha theme (it made any area afflicted by the Sha so much more atmospheric and scary), The MAelstrom (where you fight Madness of Deathwing), ToT and Isle of Thunder, SoO (I especially love the music in the first wing), the Wandering Isles music, Lion's Landing (i think it's also the new Stormwind theme), the ToT and SoO trailer themes, new Gnomeregan, new Silithus and the new Mulgore music.

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    Grizzly Hills.

    Ulduar/Grim Batol.

    Night Elf Theme.


    Argent Tournment.

    5.1 Garrosh/Ogrimmar theme.

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    The ship to Northrend - easily the best expansion intro ever.
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    Old Stv, Old Tanaris, Old Old Shimmering Flats TB, UC, Hellfire and Ahn'qiraj.
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    To this day my favourite music is the big theme that starts playing after you open the inner door to Shadowfang Keep.
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    Probably my favourite track in the entire game. Nothing else made me feel more immersive to the world of Blood Elves and Burning Crusade than this music. Very hard to top this for me. Wrath got invincible which is awesome but nothing compared to the devastation Arthas left at Quel'Thalas.
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    elwynn forest/ westfall. love both of those because they overlap.

    storm peaks. this has been a favorite since i first heard it.

    jade forest (serpents heart). jeremy soule at his finest imo. feels like he used some of his influence from elder scrolls there especially at night. most of pandaria has amazing music now that i think of it.

    stormwind. ive recently fallen in love with the cemetery. it plays a mix of jaina's theme and the various alliance themes added in 5.2. adventure hero (dragonwrath song) is also amazing.

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    Storm peaks and night elf zone music. Elwyn forest and blood elf starting zone close second.

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    I use this to fall asleep, hour of Howling Fjord + Grizzly Hills.
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    Grizzly Hills, simple and effective while really enhancing the theme of the zone. It is also the only zone music I ever play out of game just to listen to the music.

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