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    Sha of Happiness, obviously.
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    My favorite Blizzcon in-game item will always be the murloc suit.. it'll probably be another murloc pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post
    Sha of Mrgrrlrl!

    (I do apologise for my really awful Photoshop skills)
    If they got up on stage and said "Patch 5.4 is not Siege of Orgrimmar. Instead you must first defeat the 7th Sha" I'd see that being the pet.
    "I quit WoW."

    If I say it's Azshara next enough times, eventually I'll be right. So here we go again. It's got to be Azshara next, so get ready for the Sylvanas expansion we inevitably get instead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaeed Massani View Post
    With the exception of Murky, the Blizzcon pets have been inspired by an upcoming game release so far (not counting the Tyrael pet since it technically wasn't from Blizzcon). My bet is that the upcoming one will be based on whichever game is set to release the soonest after Blizzcon this year.
    thatsw how i feel. so a starcraft pet wouldnt really make much sense unless they announce a new one.

    so the most likely one would be a wow themed murloc and since the main two expansion ideas is burning legion or naga/old gods it would likely look like something thematically similar to whichever comes out.

    unless they go with a blizzards all star themed one or a titan themed one but i dont think titans ready yet to be announced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaeed Massani View Post
    Mursha? Shaloc?
    Could see the sha of Happiness come into play with a reskinned Lil Rag
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    Quote Originally Posted by moogogaipan View Post
    Could see the sha of Happiness come into play with a reskinned Lil Rag
    why reskin rag? why not just scale down a sha and edit the eyes a bit

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