If you are not aware, there is new info about the legendary quest as people are finishing their abrogator stone quest so if you don't want to be spoiled, you've been warned.

Personally I like it a lot better than MoP's (albeit I like Wrathion). MoP's I barely remember. Wrathion was trying to prepare us for the Legion and unite Azeroth right?

Anyways, it just felt like there wasn't much point for us getting the legendary cloak. Wrathion wanted to make us powerful "because". There was no immediate threat that needed take care of.

WoD's I really like because there's a more immediacy to stopping Gul'dan. Even if we know, as with all things WoW, we will win in the end, there's a purpose to what we are doing on our quest instead of just randomly be handed orange gear.

It also helps that you get familiar characters in Khadgar, Garona, Gul'dan and even Jaina makes an appearance.

There also is an interesting twist in that now Gul'dan knows all about his past MU self and Khadgar.

So what do you think?