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  • Trooper

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    Which story line is considered to be the best by most?

    Im playing ftp swtor atm, and I want to be either a trooper or a bounty hunter. Which one is best and why?
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    They are redoing every single spec in the entire games talent trees, PVP trees, Build 36 weapon talent trees and Balance it with specs and make sure it's fun. Tiered CM tuning, 4 raid modes and flex tuning for 17 bosses, a large world with MORE to do similar to mop, PVP honor system rework, Profession overhaul. They have WAY more to do under their belt then just build continent terrain. It's going to take a long time when you consider what actually has to be done.

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    haven't played trooper, but the bounty hunter quest is pretty awesome.
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    The play style is similar so it all boils down to weather you want to be a mercenary or fight for the republic.

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    I enjoyed Bounty Hunter more than Trooper, IMHO the trooper story is very good early on but gets a bit bland later.

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    I liked Trooper better than the Bounty Hunter storyline. Chapter 1 was the strongest for both classes, but BH fizzled quickly and I did not care for it. Trooper fizzled too, but did pick up near the end.

    Universally, neither the Trooper nor the Bounty Hunter are considered to be great storylines when compared to the Imperial Agent or Jedi Knight.

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    I wasn't impressed with the end of chapter 3 for Trooper but overall it was a good storyline. Being a US Army vet, a lot of the time I really felt into the story. I got a BH up around Nar Shadaa and I'd started losing interest.

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    Bounty Hunter. Why? Well, in my opinion, the Empire has better stories overall than Republic. It's all subjective, of course. I played all 8 story lines and I found the Trooper's the most boring. Bounty Hunter gets bonus points for having the manliest male voice actor of the bunch.

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    So, I have to choose between those? Seriously?

    I guess I would rather have the trooper story... I guess. : /
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    I thought both were pretty terrible. If you forced me to choose, I guess I would take the trooper story.

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    Trooper was better. BH storyline goes completely bland after Ch 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunstrider View Post
    Trooper was better. BH storyline goes completely bland after Ch 2
    The BH story just doesnt make any sense in alot of areas. I wont go into the spoilers of it but there are some things that make you say WTF.

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