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    Legendary chain

    So 5.2 brings next part in the path of assisting wrathion.

    Now its a meta. awesome! can't wait. but! im still stuck on the sigils due to shittiest RNG ever, does this mean i have to sit in endless queues for t14 content just to get this "unlocked" in the next part or is it a separate chain?

    *Note – Sigils have a chance to drop in Raid Finder though may not be collected as quickly as within Normal or Heroic versions of these Raids in which they are dropped with each boss kill.
    this is what i find confusing. in 5.2 there will be 100% dropchance in normal and heroic? why not LFR? guild won't be going to 5.1 again just so someone can get some sigils..
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    You can get what sigils you need from LFR and Normal modes. I think it was recently hotfixed to drop more sigils. Power drops in MSV and Wisdom drops in Heart of Fear. TES has equal chance to drop either.

    Yes you have to complete each part of the chain. This is because the questline is also story that unfolds over the course of Mists of Pandaria. After you get all the sigils you'll move on to get an item off Sha of Fear which also drops on LFR mode as well as Normal mode. After that you'll have to complete the portion that takes place during the Patch 5.1 interval before moving on to the 5.2 part of the legendary quest.

    Yeah... sorry.

    You can find the whole chain right here, which also includes the 5.2 quests:
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    yes im aware how the current part works with sha drop etc, already done it one on char. but rerolled due to guild, but past 3 weeks ive gotten ONE sigil form 3 lfr clears and 1½ normal clear.. wich feels really low for me but yeah its RNG i guess :O

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