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    Eye of the Black Prince in 5.2

    This is what i don't understand

    " Sha-Touched Weapons will not be available in the new Raid tier but will still be available from previous Raids. "

    " Eye of the Black Prince will be able to be used on new Epic Weapons "

    " Eye of the Black Prince --- Add a prismatic socket to a Sha-Touched weapon.

    So if sha touched weapons will not be available in 5.2 , and eye of the black prince only works on sha touched weapons , who came up with an idea that it will be useable on the new weapons that are coming in 5.2?

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    Easy to fix the text on an item, dont you think?
    Another thing that gets me is the general chat when inside the Garrison. It totally reminds me of every prison film I've ever watched. The prisoners confined to their cells are talking to each other through the walls. Their chat is mostly pointless, vulgar and revolving around stuff they ll do once they get out. This is EXACTLY the content of every Garrison chat I've ever had to tolerate.

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    It's probably a response to community feedback, who are annoyed that all the hard work they've done in 5.0/5.1 is negated because there's no more sha-touched weapons. So this is a compromise: you can't use the gem, but you can use the prismatic gem slot on new weapons.

    Works for me.

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    thy should change it so that adds a "sha touched" socket. So that 1 its a money sink and 2 it doesn't make the build of the quest so far worthless.

    Seriosuly how is "adding" a socket to the weapons any different then if they simply just came with one. Adding a major socket like the sha touched provides a larger boost to people who have stuck with it.

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