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    Nameplate addon with percentage and total values?

    As the title says, does anyone know of an addon for name plates like tidy plates where you can see the target(s) life percentages and total values? Thanks!

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    tidyplates can do all of that.
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    Anyone know where I can enable that feature!? I had a feeling it could but I cant find it!

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    Totally found it nevermind, thanks for making me take a closer look!

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    Mind sharing where you found that lol

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    Mind sharing where you found that lol
    Yea, absolutely! Sorry that I didnt check this thread since I found the issue!

    Esc > Interface > Addons Tab > Tidy plates hub: (tank/damage) > Then under where it says "Health Bar Mode" look to the right and theres a drop down menu thats under "Optional Text Field." Once you're there pick your poison! I'm using "health total and percent" but you can try out the lot and see which you prefer. It's much easier to try out each alternative next to a mob with name plates enabled! Hope that helps any others interested in the same thing!

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