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    Looking for a good PVP realm

    Hi there, im going to roll a new class and i wanted to try out a different realm. It should be a PVP realm. Also it should have:

    -a friendly community

    -quite a high population, bit no login qeues

    -balanced A/H ratio

    Now obviously these are all the good traits a realm can have and im not coming here asking for the perfect realm-it likely doesnt exist.

    But i would just like to hear some thoughts and opinions.

    Its worth noting that i would be rolling horde. So far im thinking Stormscale, Outland or Ragnaros. Stormscale is what most people say, but is has a very unbalanced faction ratio (90% horde) but maybe if i roll horde thats actually a good thing, just no world pvp.

    Anyway, help, thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!

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    markofthewild.guildlaunch.com <-- Druid Only Guild!

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    high pop from what I know, including balance, I'd say Tichondrius-US, but the community? naw.

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    I liked Kil'Jaeden, Mannoroth and Skullcrusher while I was there.

    Also, my opinion is worthless if you are not on US Servers.
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