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    video says all..

    Same process when fighting a boss in Starfox..anddd the loading screens!!

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    That is Star Fox not Star Fox 64.

    Yes, I am going to be THAT guy. Mostly because the ehhhhhhhhhh original should not be mentioned in the same breath of the greatness 64 release.

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    I really loved the original, but yeah, the N64 version massively improved the original. Those two StarFox games are high on my list of favorite games ever. I haven't really seen a StarFox game I've cared for since SF64 though. The Starfox Adventures/Assault stuff just didn't do it for me.

    Also that video triggered a little bit of motion sickness. o_o
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    Cod has a new campaign, new weapons, new multiplayer levels every year. Zelda has been recycling the same weapons, villains, and dungeons since the 80's. Zelda recycles enough to make cod blush. The same weapons, villains, dungeons, and princess in every single Zelda for the most part. It's almost as cheesy as bowser vs Mario round 35

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