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    Steam addiction

    I have a problem.. 300+ Steam games and only about 20% of them are completed. But I tend to find myself not motivated to play not even the newer ones I want to play. What is wrong with me? Am I just too old for video games? This question is probably a no brainier but I feel ashamed I wasted all that money. I've tried only installing the ones I want to play, I've tried categorizing them in Steam, I've tried making myself play, I've tried roulette.. this one site says it's going to take me like almost a year and a half to finish all them. REALLY? F!

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    Stop buying new games.

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    Get a girlfriend.
    Girls are a hoax created by the Japanese anime industry to scam otaku out of their money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truhan View Post
    Get a girlfriend.
    It's a Trick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truhan View Post
    Get a girlfriend.
    They're more expensive than Steam games.

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    Why do you feel the need to buy games? Because they're "cheap"?

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    PM me if you want to give me all your money, I think we can sort something out.
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    No i'd rather shit on and ruin a thread than just ignore it. I'm not one who ignores problems if it's not already obvious to you.

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    Im guessing you have the Steam-Sale-Syndrome.

    You buy a ton of games that is on sale, because you never know if you are gonna play them. Your not.

    I stopped doing this, and I never buy a new game if I have an old one that I have yet to finish.

    And.. being on this site.. im guessing you buy a ton of games but in the end you only play one. Guess which one.
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    You just need to be in the mood for a specific kind of game is all.
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    I do the same, and I see no harm supporting game Devs that made a great game, even though I might never play it, doesn't put me in a financial crisis and I can try new stuff every now and then. I stopped being a completionist with my kid, now I do what entertains me in the few hours I have.

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    Look at your game list, trow a dice, force yourself to play and finish that game, go to next one.

    If game is shit, you can always drop it.

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    You have a steam sale syndrome.
    Tip: Stop buying them that way. Buy the game only when You really want to play it, like: "ohh a nice game, I will play it right now! I'am soo excited!". If You don't have such feeling and excitement to a game then You will probably never play that game, ever. Buy only when You see and it really excites You. Don't waste Your money on games You won't play at all.
    TLDR: buy only if it's the situation like: I have free time now, wow this game is amazing, I want to play it now!
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    There's no such thing as a "Steam Addiction" let's be real.
    You purposely spent your money, knowing full well you were spending that money.
    If you didn't wanna play, or have no motivation to play said games you've purchased, you wouldn't purchase them. Simple, right?

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    As long as you aren't skipping on bills and ruining your life by blowing the money on it, who cares. A hobby is a hobby /shrug
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    I don't know, whenever I buy a new game anywhere, I mentally add it to my list of games to play and, when its turn comes, I play it. Or I play it right away, if I'm not in the middle of multiple walkthroughs I want to be done with soon at the moment.

    Don't buy a game out of reasoning, "This game looks nice, I would like to play it at some point". Buy it only if you actually intend to play it soon. Also, don't buy a game you randomly saw on sale and decided it is a good game to buy; buy only games you've actually been waiting for / wanting to play for some time, on sale or not.
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    Do like i did, buy everything, now when ever theres a sale i got nothing to buy from steam. Problem solved.

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    20% game completion is pretty good, imo.

    I doubt 20% of my game even lasted me an hour or two after my initial interest in them died off.

    I don't play the games to complete them, I play them to have fun. Sometimes its fun to finish a game to the end, but most are just fun for a while, until the newness of the systems, characters, and figuring out the gameplay wears off.

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    find the game you want to play the most, and force yourself to play it until you beat it, unless you find you dislike the game, but if you bought your games with taste, it'll be worth it

    had to force myself to discover new things and I never regret it when I do this, being lazy is easy but it's a waste of your precious life

    1 year and a half to finish all is nothing ... a life is like 85 years you might have 30, you need to fill 50 interesting years!
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    I have 17 games on steam.
    Things are exactly as they seem.

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