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    Wanted opinions

    What are peoples opinions on manufacturer refurbished monitors?
    Is it worth getting a Lenovo 24" eIPS monitor (1920x1200 native res) monitor for $150 including p/h?

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    Back lighting on current monitors usually die after around 3-5 years which will be expensive repair. Depending on how much the screen has been used so far it could be good deal or risky deal. Can't really guess it from anything other than when that model was originally released (and possibly discontinued), but assuming it works for years without problems it sounds like a decently good deal.
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    No, the money you save on a refurb is going to cost you when it goes and you have to buy a new one.

    Its a may turn out to be a charm, or the worst $150 bucks you spend. Why take the gamble.
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    If it comes with the same warranty as a new one, then I don't see why not.

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