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    Do you want more colors for warlocks spells ?

    Pretty simple question for all players : Do you want more colors for warlocks spells ?

    If yes , then choose your favorite color .

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    yes, pink please!!

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    Scarab Lord Azutael's Avatar
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    No, why would I want color options that doesn't make sense. All colors for spells in WoW are based on an element/source.
    All of the sudden having a white shadow-bolt or whatever wouldn't make any sense.

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    No, exactly the reason TylerN stated above.

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    black fire please.
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    Yeah, more colors for Warlocks only, great idea.

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    I'd love to say yes, but you're being greedy by asking. There's a lot of other things that the model and art departments should be focusing on, than catering to a specific class that aren't happy when they got something they've been asking about for years. So, no, simply on the basis of you being greedy.

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    i guess i wouldnt mind black flames... that way i can feel like hiei from yu yu hakusho... but still no
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    Honestly, I would love to see this added in... for everyone. I mean, yes... the color of the spell's effects does typically indicate the element used, but it's not like it's game-breaking, so what's the harm? I can't imagine this would detract from other work that needs to be done too much for that to really sway my vote.

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    I think warlocks have gotten enough shit this xpac already. So don't be greedy. Besides, the color has to make sense like someone said above.

    PS. I would much rather see new character models then time spent on this crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan97 View Post
    Pretty simple question for all players : Do you want more colors for warlocks spells ?

    If yes , then choose your favorite color .
    I would like for Blizzard to add a quest in that lets me use the that rainbow animation every time I cast chaos bolt.

    I would have much rather seen Blizzard make our "Red" spells into a shadow colored spell, rather then this green bs. It looks ridiculous.

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    Why not put a 'Paint Kit' in the game for Warlocks? A full new unique quest line that lets you costumize the color of your spells.

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    the only thing i likes to see is black fire; i don'T care bout other colours

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    Old God Nindoriel's Avatar
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    Green makes sense because of Fel magic. They did it for that reason. There's no real reason to do any other color.

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    Herald of the Titans Ihnasir's Avatar
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    Sure, why the hell not? Gief Purple.

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    Yes, but I think there is other priorities cosmetic wise, like female metamorphosis and more diverse pet skins and models
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    I want all of our spells to be shit brown with yellow corn speckles.
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    yes i wanna shoot rainbow-ish chaosbolts

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    I honestly feel the need for purple fire after losing the old shadowflame.

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    I want paladins to have darkness/evil color theme on spells

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