View Poll Results: Which Installment of WoW Provided the Best Story?

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  • Classic

    23 3.47%
  • Burning Crusade

    94 14.20%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    403 60.88%
  • Cataclysm

    6 0.91%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    136 20.54%
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    Quote Originally Posted by killidan View Post
    Alliance horde war was supposed to be the story of the expansion. You are telling me it is buried in some quest text. Get real, bro!
    Lich King was supposed to be the story of Wrath yet we had the blue aspect going mad and Ulduar to deal with. Illidan was suppose to be the story of TBC yet we had many other villains to deal with, and even someone after him.
    5.1 has been the start of the war, yet you ignore it, like everything else.
    "Facts", brought to you by Jaylock.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Its not a matter of opinion when FACTS back up the fact that this is one of the best expansions they have ever created.

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    tough one....BC for me just barely edges out wrath story, the apointing of a new lich king, naxx 2.0 and and crusader tourny kind of killed it for me

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    Gotta go with Wotlk.

    A "Goodnight Sweet Prince" moment at the end of a much anticipated fight was great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by killidan View Post
    Burning legion story was epic

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    ahahaha pandas running everywhere

    no villain

    no story

    The story was supposed to be war between alliance and horde, which has not yet happened, and doubtful will happen in MOP.

    Sorry to tell you the truth, but MOP is a joke.
    Woah, woah, woah woah. The Mists story telling is incredible! First of all, the beauty of the game is the progression. The first set of macrovillains are the Shas which we create with our hatred. On top of that, each rep basically has its own intimate story and arch-nemesis, namely Shek'zeer. You also have the Mogu subplot, the Zandalar subplot, the evolution of key characters like Taran Zhu, and the list goes on not to mention the way the faction leaders on the Horde side are on the verge of a civil war. If you think the Mists story-telling is a joke, you either aren't paying attention (as in don't read quest text or listen to the dialogues) or haven't actually played judging by your opening counter "hahaha pandas running everywhere." Nothing funny about my Shadopan-transmogrified Monk, and the story is often very dark at times if you pay attention (with slavery and the corruption of power being the key themes; even the concept of the Shas is brilliant with real world relevance). Heck, the Loremaster Scrolls alone have more storyline than all of Cata combined! all things considered, close call for #1 between Wrath and Mists. BC was good but no where near the level of dialogue and in-game immersion we see now

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    Quote Originally Posted by killidan View Post
    Alliance horde war was supposed to be the story of the expansion. You are telling me it is buried in some quest text. Get real, bro!
    Its buried in 2 whole zones: the first one you go through and Krasarang. They said they were adding more as the expansion continues and they are currently doing that. Or would you prefer to see the exact same thing for 2 years with no story progression?

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    Quote Originally Posted by killidan View Post
    Alliance horde war was supposed to be the story of the expansion. You are telling me it is buried in some quest text. Get real, bro!
    You don't even have to read the quest text to know that the Domination Offensive/Operation: Shieldwall are about the war. Half the dailies are invading the other faction's base or repelling an attack. Most of the Horde questline is finding a weapon to use on the Alliance and breaking into Darnassus to get it, whereas Alliance questline is about spying on the Horde to prevent them from getting the weapon. And then there is Dalaran.

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    WCIII: TFT had me aching for WotLK, and I felt like that was the most enjoyable expansion in terms of fun and a rich story.

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    While I like BC better than wrath, STORY energy ball because a human female so wrath has the upper hand.

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    Wrath had the best story imo, but wasn't the best game (expansion).

    TBC is still top of my list in terms of enjoyment. Not saying it was better, I just enjoyed it the most.... story wise I didn't approve of killing Illidan, but he had phat lewts soooo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakara View Post
    story wise I didn't approve of killing Illidan, but he had phat lewts soooo...
    We should have used the fight as a ruse to get Maiev to show herself so we could take her out and get her loot. I still want to kill her, probably more than any other character.

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    Classic's story was all over the place. It's hard to stay engaged in the story when it completely changes every zone. Some of the individual stories were pretty good.

    TBC: I can't even remember which demons were working for Illidan and which were working for the Burning Legion. The entire expansion was basically kill these demons. Except Nagrand. That was basically do Garrosh's job for him.

    WotLK: Good storyline, although Lick King showing up during every questline was kind of weird. Somewhat averted when he slaughters us and then says he wanted to see how strong we were, but he could have just sent some of those eyeball spies or maybe some minions. He didn't have to show up himself every five seconds. Yogg's story was good, I liked the Storm Peaks quest line. Malygos was okay. The Argent Tournament was kinda out of place. It doesn't really make sense to make a tourney right near your enemy's headquarters.

    Cata: 1-60 was good, it fixed Classic's problems by linking various zone story lines together. 80-85, though... Vashj'ir was great, but no real ending. Mt. Hyjal and Firelands were okay. Deepholme was all over the place. Uldum was fun, but the story was meh at best. Twilight Highlands was good. They ruined Deathwing though. In the books he was a cunning manipulator who could fool anyone except for Knaak's PoV characters. In Cata, he was a psycho whose only plan was crush, kill, destroy.

    MoP: Great so far, but can't judge on the overall expansion story yet. Jade Forest was a great introduction to both Pandaria and Horde/Alliance war. Valley of Four Winds seemed a little out of place. It's mostly about helping out Pandaren farmers and brewers, with a few Mantid at the very end of the zone. Krasarang Wilds was good for some more Mogu lore, and with 5.1, great for the A/H war. Kun Lai is another with good lore on the Mogu and Zandalari, as well as Lei Shin. Townlong and Dread Wastes were excellent Mantid and Sha lore.

    I'd rank it as:
    1. MoP (so far)
    2. Wrath
    3. Cata
    4. Classic
    5. Burning Crusade
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    I like the lore of MoP, granted I started in Wrath so that was nice and everything, but the way Blizz has worked in the older elements of WoW (legion, old gods, titans) into the new lore has been awesome, and the continuing struggle between the allies and horde has been great reading to gobble up, especially if have horde and ally characters.
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    I voted classic, the amount of lore and faction progression was phenomenal. It in essence made us feel like we were in a massive world all the while the players would soak up anything blizzard implemented that tied in with the warcraft 3 story arcs. It was so good that some of the first bosses like vancleef, or even hogger were providing us with lore and a sense of accomplishment. Although i would say the ultimate expansion storyline goals are probably better in wotlk onwards i feel that the way the game is designed now only makes the players want to reach the final boss of the expansion for a fix of lore. The rest is just gravy.

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    Wrath of the Lich King best story telling this game will ever get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    For a first foray into post-WC3 content... Cata left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Which is why I'm glad they went away from WC1 and WC2 storylines entirely for MoP. They're better at making stuff up than making old stuff fit.
    That's because they never foresaw what the Warcraft Universe was going to become when they made their little game Warcraft:Orcs & Humans. It wasn't meant to be what it is today. All the people that rage over retcons need to take a break. They had to make the story fit somehow, and I think they tied it up nicely. I am glad they have moved on to original content again. It helps to progress the story, not break it as many naysayers would have you believe.
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    Purely in regards to story, whether through questing or anything else, I would probably say:

    WotLK > BC > MoP > Cataclysm > Vanilla

    And the only reason I put MoP over Cataclysm is because of the emphasis on the Horde vs Alliance story.

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    They did a great job presenting the villains in Wrath, and had one or two really memorable story arcs... but a lot of the moments felt (or simply were) ripped off from 'insert film with rabid fanbase'

    But Pandaria has it beat on quantity and quality of the actual stories. The allies (for the most part) are introduced very well, and I come closer to actually giving a !#@$ about the world, whereas previous expansions focused my attentions on who the big baddie was, and how cool his sword is. and not the people you were trying to save.

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    Wrath, i wish arthas had his own faction that players could join.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valstorm Warsong View Post
    Wrath, i wish arthas had his own faction that players could join.
    So much this.

    New week and new poll with obvious winner in it..

    WotLK the true king of WoW .

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    As someone who enjoyed the Arthas story in WC3...I don't get why people enjoyed Wrath. I thought it was very poorly written and a joke of an excuse to always act like the Lich King was toying with us. He retreated outright against the undead at the Wrath Gate. I personally thought the lore in Wrath is only surpassed in awfulness by that of Cata's. I enjoyed most of the other three...except the whole Kael'Thas thing in TBC.

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