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    What Is Your Favourite Mists of Pandaria Zone?

    Out of all the new zones added in Mists of Pandaria (this includes raids, dungeons, BG's, etc.), what is your one absolute favourite and why?

    My favourite is probably the one most people love the most: Dread Wastes. I have two reasons for this: first, I love the story of the Klaxxi, and 2, the look and feel of the zone is awesome in my opinion and was a nice change from all the green.

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    Jade Forest because of all the details in the landscape.

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    Thinking about each zone separately , i pretty much detest them all :P

    Prob dread wastes simply because it felt much shorter than other zones :S

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    Valley of the 4 Winds and Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

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    Icecrown.... o wait you said MoP... there isnt one
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    I really like how mogushan vaults' layout and how it feels. (Its still a zone, right?)

    For world zone, I'd say kun-lai summit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tru View Post
    Icecrown.... o wait you said MoP... there isnt one
    Then why even comment?

    OT: A tie between Valley and Dread.
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    Dread Wastes was the only zone where I wanted to progress the questline. The other zones all had boring quests, usually fighting boring monsters.

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    Kun Lai and Dread Wastes.

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    Visually: Jade Forest > Four Winds > Vale > Dread > Krasarang > Kun Lai > Townlong
    Story/Questing: Dread > Four Winds > Krasarang > Jade > Kun Lai > Vale > Townlong

    Townlong Steppes is my least favourite zone by far. Four Winds is a good allround zone. Nice, quick questing and looks good on the eye.

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    Well tbh i don't have any big "oh woow" feeling in any pandaria zone. At least not in the way like i crossed dark protal for the 1st time or fight in icecrown. But Dread wastes are nice, also it looks like Isle of Thunder can be cool zone with dark atmosphere.

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    Visual: Jade > Vale > Summit > Karasang > Townlong > 4 Winds > Wastes

    Story: Jade > Karasang > Summit > Townlong > Wastes > 4 Winds > Vale

    Difficulty/Time: Summit > Jade > 4 Winds > Townlong > Karasang > Wastes (Vale not counted)

    Overall: Jade Forest > Karasang Wilds > Kun'Lai Summit > Townlong Steppes > Vale of Eternal Blossoms > Valley of the Four Winds > Dread Wastes
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    Jade Forest is simply amazing, best story, best visuals, best everything. It's kind of sad that the rest of Pandaria sucks when questing, all the zones are visually stunning in their own way though. Dread Wastes has to be the one I dislike the most, it looks cool and all, but the quests, please make then stop!

    It still is my favorite continent of those that have been added in expansions though, I only find Townlong as the only zone I don't care for at all, where as with Northrend and Outland I found zones like Dragonblight, Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Netherstorm, Zangarmarsh and Shadowmoon Valley extremely bland.

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    Kun Lai or Jade for me. Four winds is boring as hell, dread wastes is just...dread-ful, karasang is meh, blossom is so-so

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    Reserving overall judgement 'til I see Isle of the Thunder King, but so far Kun Lai summit is my favorite. Has the coolest raid, a big Sha, lots of frosty peaks and hidden secrets - yep, pretty fun.

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    Jade Forest and Dread Wastes, both in terms of quests and looks. Valley was really the only one with quests I wasn't super excited about, and southern Kun Lai is kinda ugly (although I love the mountains in the north).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Jade Forest and Dread Wastes, both in terms of quests and looks. Valley was really the only one with quests I wasn't super excited about, and southern Kun Lai is kinda ugly (although I love the mountains in the north).
    I guess someone doesn't like virmen :P

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    ill just say Wandering Isle
    But I love how every zone in Outland has a distinct theme. Pandaria, not so much

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    The Vale of Eternal Blossoms is the first zone that really made me think, "Wow, freaking beautiful landscape and scenery here." That, and the Shrine of the Two Moons was surprisingly impressive as well for a city hub; great architecture, feel, and layout.

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