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    Question Is MMR resetting next season?

    Is MMR going to reset at the beginning of next season?

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    They said a few weeks ago it would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenikk View Post
    They said a few weeks ago it would.
    Really? Got a link for that? I can't remember seeing anything about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenikk View Post
    They said a few weeks ago it would.
    Care to share a source, as the last time this was going to occur, they decided against it for various reasons, and I suspect the same will happen again.

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    I'm sure I read about it in the PvP Blog. Raiding atm so dont have the time to dig it out, but Im sure it was in there.

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    They won't reset it.

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    no it's not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenikk View Post
    They said a few weeks ago it would.
    they say this every season and never do.
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    The most I can find on the matter is this:

    "We’ve seen a lot of players asking for an MMR reset, and to be fair, we had originally planned on doing one (and even announced it beforehand) ... While we think there’s some legitimacy to the concern, we don’t think resetting MMR is the right way to address it. ... Because MMR is a measure of your performance as a player, we don’t think it makes a lot of sense to reset MMR at the end of a season or expansion. "

    Taken from the Dev Watercooler http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/770...PvP-10_31_2012 in October last year. And the only thing I found that's more recent about MMR is "... changes are coming to MMR ...) from http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/8397168 17/01/2013.

    So far I haven't found a definitive statement about them doing so.

    Might update later if I find anything else or someone supplies a source to previously made claims above.

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    There is a change at how you gain and lose MMR and rating, but nothing about an MMR reset. I'd like to keep mine, makes it easier to get a high rating fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kosechi View Post
    they say this every season and never do.
    actually they normally specify they hate resetting MMR as it unbalnces the ladder for the first week and potentially matches 1.3's to what shoud be 2.4/6's and get rolled over and both teams have 0 fun as for the higher teams it was too easy and the other team at 1.3 they stood 0 chance.

    so i would be surprised if they do however the MMR system works absolutely fine, it really does.
    perhaps it punishes people a bit too much for loosing (then not gaining much) etc (imo a 50/50 win-loss should keep you at a stagnant point, not lower than you was) however with a new system in regards to rating increases i would not be surprised if they reset the MMR in which case i advise all teams below 2.2 to wait out the first week and cap in two's.

    however the MMR system in WoW is based on the most succesf0lul Real life rating system - Chess ''player ranks'' just a useless peice of info for you there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenikk View Post
    They said a few weeks ago it would.
    yeah well they have said it multiple seasons now but it never happens

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