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    Duelweilding 1h pistols and Xbows anyone?

    is this a good idea?

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    Just seems like too much to me, just my opinion based on nothing other than personal preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexighar View Post
    is this a good idea?
    Not good and not original.

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    Well pistols arent in game but xbows are, Just need to have some sort of way to make the 2hd be a 1hd if hunters try to equip 2 of them, Kinda like Titans Grip for Warriors back in the day. Dont make 1hd xbows just let hunters be able to Duel Weild 2hd xbows.

    Quote Originally Posted by kippi View Post
    Not good and not original.
    I think its original if your the creator of the other game that utilizes duel xbows.

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    Just imagine the double gun sounds LOL

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    Sounds good to me. Nothing wrong with more weapon variety.

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    I don't like the idea of dual wielding crossbows, but hell... give us pistol! Wan't to feel like a Lord Godfrey.

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    No it's not a good idea. Hunters are already the only class that can use bows, crossbows, and guns, giving them two other unique weapons would make drops dumb.
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    only if rogues can use them too

    Fallout 4!

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    how would u implement duel wield a game system, that doesn't sound right to me at all, duel wielding xboxes doesn't fit into wow imho.

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    IS this the terrible idea thread? Then dual-wield shields for shamans too, bro.

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    last thing the game needs now is more loot on loot tables that only one class can use.

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    Not in WoW, IMO, it just doens't fit. This kind of shit is cool if you're a cowboy/gunslinger, we're more or less rangers.

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    I don't think they will introduce this. For one, they would have to make new animations of races, since bows, guns and xbows are used as a 2 handed animation. Not beyond possibility, given they made monk animations.
    but the other thing is, its kind of silly to imagine someone duel wielding two long bows in two hands and being able to fire them at the same time. As well as the fact more guns are so big, trying to duel wield them is pushing into grounds of silliness.

    I mean, duel wielding two of there?

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    I guess it sure seems to be a popular topic to start on here I've seen it on here about once every other month since like BC.

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    go 1 step foward , grow extra pair of hands and dual wield bows!

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    Bro lets just put dual-wield beast-mastery pets, that are also under Stampede, in each hand.

    4 bm animal weapons in each hand, is this dope?!???

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    xbows, no. Pistols as a new 1h ranged weapon, yes.
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    Dual-wield for guns (pistols) is an awesome idea, and I'm all for it!
    Yet I voted 'no.' And my 'no' is resounding.

    Look; the difficulties would be immense. Damage scaling for one; you'd have to lower the damage, then add ToT-mutilate-stormstrike-like stuff to actually make it work for strike damage. The idea doesn't fit the flavour of any of the hunter talent trees, and no other class could get away with it. While it sounds awesome for rogues in particular, rogues don't have a ranged talent tree.

    All in all, you need to consider that something like this would require:
    -At least one class/two specs that can utilize this new weapon.
    -New models throughout the game, through all levels of play from level 1 to 90.
    -Modified loot tables.
    -Completely new animations for every single humanoid skeleton in the game.
    -New weapon stat balances that need to be calculated in order to balance out against other weapons.

    All in all, it's too much of a hassle, and it doesn't reward enough for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iadamson View Post
    how would u implement duel wield a game system, that doesn't sound right to me at all, duel wielding xboxes doesn't fit into wow imho.
    But think of how many more people you could invite to a Halo party!

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