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    BG Leveling

    Just saw this:

    Players in low-level Battlegrounds will have their effective level raised to the maximum level allowed in that Battleground bracket. Players' base stats and spells are scaled accordingly, and are treated as the same level when determining hits, misses, and critical effect chance.
    How effective is the exp gained in a bg during the bg's weekend? I kind of want to start a new toon, but I really don't want to quest again.

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    BG levelling is pretty bad. Unless you could guarantee instant queues and a 90%+ win/loss you're better off questing. The problem is if you have a long game where you lose, you could waste 30+ minutes and get nothing from it at all.

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    Where are you getting this from, exactly? I don't see a blue post about it.
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    It's just unfair if you compare PvP vs PvE experience. The truth is, in PvE you do NOT lose, you always win, especially since things like heirlooms exists. You don't wipe while questing, you don't wipe in dungeons, you always get experience.

    In PvP however, the story is different... as already stated, you can fight for 30 min or more in a BG and then lose it. Apart from that, in PvE you get gold and items, in PvP you get a few honor points only.

    It should be possible to go 1-90 only with PvP, without losing anything compared to the PvE leveling route.
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    if you don't wanna afk/bot, don't bother
    otherwise by all means go for it

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    On a level 56 toon I'm getting half to 3/4ths of a level from one ab win. Seems worth it to me.

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    For the people saying that if you don't want to bot / afk you should not give it a try, they are wrong. Leveling is a process, it depends on what you enjoy doing in wow. In my case, I leveled a Rogue from 1-85 and most of my classes were leveled 80-85 or 85-90 via BG. It's very, very slow compared to dungeons/quests. There are some classes who are really fun to level in bgs (rogues / hunters) because of their op'ness. For me it was a way to pass time and have some fun. It depends on what you are looking for. =)

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    On average it is much slower then the other forms of leveling, especially if you are on a losing streak, you can waste half a day with almost no noticeable XP gain. That said, I tend to look at it like Harukaa. You have to establish what your goal(s) are.

    - If you goal is to get to 90 as absolutely quick as possible, then quest.
    - If your goal is to get to 90 quickly, but to take breaks from questing (which is what I like to do) do a daily dungeon and get a daily random BG win (I think starting at level 40-45?). The bonus XP from the daily win is very good.
    - If your goal is to enjoy the journey and arrive at the destination when you get there, then just do what is fun for you. If you just really like PVP, you'll find there are also a good number of players that enjoy playing in leveling BGs. So the XP gain can be irrelevant to the point that you are just queuing for PVP and getting some levels on the side. The explosive bursts and 1-2 shot/globaling players as well as healing to full if your heal goes off before the 2nd hit, gives them a very different feel from max level PVP.

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    Nobody has mentioned that the BG experience is an absolute nightmare at any point below level 90 with decent gear. Unless you are on the winning side, it's going to make you wish you never even installed the game. Even with the boost to stats, I can't see it being even remotely balanced, because it's more the difference and power from certain abilities that makes things insane, not just the stats.

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    BG's don't give you that much experience, even if you win tons. If you're not playing an OP classes don't even think about it.

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    In pure efficiency terms they are pretty lousy. Quests > dungeons > BGs generally speaking. If you get a bunch of back to back wins it feels fast but then you'll probably get a bunch of back to back losses and man is that frustrating. Especially given the way so many players ignore each other and refuse to work together (which not only vastly improves your chances of winning but actually makes PvP more fun, and when you do lose it's more tolerable because at least you tried).

    BGs can be super fun to level in though. All depends if you get a good team or a team full of jerks. And how ridiculously imbalanced your bracket/class/etc is... low BGs are horrifically imbalanced.
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    Battlegrounds are ridiculously good for leveling but only a) the first win of the day and b) if you win a battleground during it's weekend. Losing is not that effective, but not terrible either.

    Not sure where you guys are getting it from that they're not worth it even if you win. If you have heirlooms, one battleground win can push you 1-2 levels in certain cases and usually it's a minimum of half a level for the first win.

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    Wouldn't say it's worth it unless you can guarantee you're going to win. Been leveling up a DK in BGs (77 now) and I've got maybe 15-20% a win, less than 10% for a loss. Barely worth it when it's a 20 minute tug of war in WSG or AB.

    Your best bet would be to do Bgs if you're a Hybrid (specifically a healing hybrid) and just flag run. Resto/Balance Druids are godly while Priests in general aren't far behind. Hpala isn't too bad, though it's dwarfed by Prot Paladins' ability to be about the only class, until a much higher level, that can actually kill healers as well as an almost infinite health pool. Feral can be good, but as you can't cast Rejuv in Cat Form it's relatively weaker compared to Balance/Shadow/Ret/Prot. Ele is probably the weakest Hybrid DPS, as it lacks almost any tools at all. Ret is strong, but that's only because Hammer of Wrath is beyond ridiculous. Alternatively, playing Blood DK in the 58-80 brackets can be hilarious. Tanking 4-5 players and killing 2-3 in a couple of Blood Boils is just so funny, then at 60 just murdering everyone with Death Siphons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangalar View Post
    Battlegrounds are ridiculously good for leveling but only a) the first win of the day and b) if you win a battleground during it's weekend. Losing is not that effective, but not terrible either.

    Not sure where you guys are getting it from that they're not worth it even if you win. If you have heirlooms, one battleground win can push you 1-2 levels in certain cases and usually it's a minimum of half a level for the first win.
    They seemed to have nerfed the XP abit ago, went from 10+ bars for a win to two

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    Try alterac valley or the call to arms.

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    It might be worth it if you are going for 250k HK. Otherwise, no.

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    I've been doing PvE questing and BG running on my DK for 85 -> 90. A BG loss gets me 1 to 2% (can't tell more specifically due to rounding). Spending 20 minutes to get max 2% of a level is painful. Maybe in earlier levels it would be better, idk.

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    i leveled both my 90s from 87-89 doing bgs. it can be pretty painful depending on your battlegroup but it definitely helps prepare you for 90 pvp and you get honor capped )

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    I wish they would remove exp from bgs

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