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    Don't mark the post as edited when correcting grammar and spelling

    Often I look back at my post and see spelling and grammar mistakes but if more than 5 minutes have passed and I correct the errors it gets marked with a big fat dirty:

    "Last edited by Twoddle; 2013-02-15 at 13:09 PM."

    which looks horrible.

    My suggestion is to allow spelling and grammar corrections in your own posts without marking the post as "edited".

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    I don't think it's possible to make it so the forums can detect the nature of the edit, it'd have to be a toggle option and then everyone who made an edit of any kind could just tick "spelling/grammar edit" to hide it if they wanted to
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    personally, what does it matter? it's a post not something you've been working on for weeks.
    secondly, how would the system notice, cookie and coocie are two different words.

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    I'm fairly certain you have a few min to edit your post before the edit message even appears. If that is too long to catch a mistake well just add "Edit: Spelling is hard." or something.
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    Why does marking a post as edited bother you in the first place?

    Anyways whenever I see "Edited" under a post I automatically assume it was grammar/spelling if there are no grammar or spelling errors.
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    Seriously, I dont want to be mean but what on earth compels you to even complain about something so trivial

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    Why does it look horrible?

    Easy solution to this one, don't like it - then don't edit your posts.

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    Now this is interesting.
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    I don't know if it is possible or not to do that, but if you're editing your post because of the grammar you can always put in the edit reason that you were correcting the grammar.

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    If you edit your post quickly after making it, i am pretty sure it doesn't show that it was edited, will test.

    "This text was edited in =D"

    Yup it works =D

    wonder what the limit is =\

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    Or. Check your posts before you hit the submit button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alucardtnuoc View Post
    If you edit your post quickly after making it, i am pretty sure it doesn't show that it was edited, will test.

    "This text was edited in =D"

    Yup it works =D

    wonder what the limit is =\
    Usually 5 minutes.
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    There's not really any way for the forum to detect what 'kind' of edit you're making, but there is a 2 minute window before the edit message appears, perfect for correcting grammar/spelling.

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