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    Do Unholy Death Knights still exist?

    Or are they extinct now? All I see in PVE and PVP is frost

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    Of course they do, about half of the PvP deathknights are unholy (on high ratings).

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    "pops head from behind a wall"
    Been here since wrath
    or well not on the forums, but been dpsing as Unholy since wrath, never changed

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    I never dps'd as frost, been blood dps in the beginning of wrath and switched to unholy for ICC---->Cata----->MOP. still pulling good dps with crappy gear

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    Frost has

    on demand burst / pressure.
    uses 2 weapons (cool factor with pun)
    easier play style to get used too.

    Glass cannon.
    Lots of AOE damage, but when Cds are up (or after they kite you) you hit like a bitch [say that in team four star freeza's voice]
    A GCD to summon ghoul to heal yourself

    Unholy Has

    Pet with a stun
    Higher survivability (can sit in blood presence while in pvp)
    Stronger execute and dots
    can kite

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    We exist. Gentlemen enjoy in silence.

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    Yes. They do. There is little point to a thread like this, though.
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