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    What do you think of this guild name? And also...

    nvm thank you
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    There are a few things wrong with this:

    1. The guild name lacks appeal to it. Not only is it from Dragon Ball Z, but this is World of Warcraft. Using things from DBZ, Naruto, FMA, etc will only scare off people.
    2. You will have a lot of trouble getting people to join a level 1 guild because it shows that it is brand new. It would be better off starting something up with friends you know/play with so you at least have somewhat of a foundation. You and 2 others in a guild will only make the guild look like a small hangout.
    3. The rating is pretty strict for a guild with no members. Maybe starting it off as just a casual PvP guild would be the best bet.

    If you start it off with a very minimal requirement (or none at all), you can at least build a playerbase inside of the guild. Once the guild is quite filled and active, you can be more strict with your recruitment.

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    nvm thank you
    In that case no reason to keep this open.

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