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    [Mega-Thread] Blizzcon 2013!

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    BLIZZCON!!!!!! The seventh BlizzCon is coming to the Anaheim Convention Center Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9, 2013. Those who join us for this epic community gathering will experience two solid days of hands-on time with the latest Blizzard games, in-depth developer discussion panels, intense eSports action featuring some of the top players in the world, and a variety of other exciting activities and events. Further details on the show, including ticket pricing and availability, will be posted here on BlizzCon.com at a later date. In the meantime, check out the press release for more info and prepare to help us blow Anaheim's mind.
    Quoted from the press-release, blizzcon is coming folks! November 8th 2013!

    This thread will be updated with news.
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    There is already a multi-page thread about Blizzcon:


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