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    Do you like Goblins??

    They are so cute!

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    Epic! Zaxio's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Female goblins have best death animation in all times

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    Dreadlord bethofwow's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Right here *waves*
    Best race in the game, hands down. Willing to blow themselves up in the name of progress and profit. And do not apologize for it either.
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    Field Marshal Cathaia's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaxio View Post
    Female goblins have best death animation in all times
    Every time I feign death, I am cheering for myself.
    Still not getting any younger!

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    Herald of the Titans Wishblade's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Hell yeah, they might be greedy, selfish bastards, but they're hilarious and they blow shit up! =)
    "Reminds me of a dog, you stare at it while it's playing outside... Running around in a circle, then stopping up, wagging with a wide "grin". Jumping around until you call for the dog, then it lowers its tail because it think it's done something bad... And then you throw the ball, seeing the tail go straight into the air in bliss! ^^" - Gehco
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    The Patient Hilde's Avatar
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    Yup, and I will be rolling one when I transfer my heirlooms over and start my horde journey

    I love their personalities and look and I think they're really cool and of course funny. And thier dances are awesome. Soulja boi and single lades.

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    yes I like this little buggers

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    Being an Alliance player I am jealous of the Horde having them. :/

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    Warchief Velthy's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    I do. My favorite horde race. All my alts are goblins, shame my druid cant be one. Would be awesome, little, mechanical druid forms.

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    racials, yes
    lorewise & personality, yes
    visual features, no

    but then again im probably just a racist

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    Who doesn't like Goblins?

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    Mechagnome Texaswarrior's Avatar
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    I love to hate them. Know what I mean? I don't LIKE them, but I love them for being the little semi-evil asses that they are.
    ~ Yes, I'm a Dinosaur ~

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    High Overlord narzinor's Avatar
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    I had a friend who was mauled to death by a Goblin once... I shoot to kill now.

    ... I have 2 of them. :/
    I had a cool sig... then photobucket ate my pics and now its borked. :/ oh wells...

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    I fucking love goblins. Probably one of my favorite races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethofwow View Post
    Best race in the game, hands down. Willing to blow themselves up in the name of progress and profit. And do not apologize for it either.
    reading that kind of scares me... u a terrorist or kamikaze pilot?

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    Steamwheedle Goblins, yes, they've done some great things, lorewise, namely Gazlowe.
    Bilgewater Goblins, no, their leader is a piece of crap and they are responsible for wrecking Orgrimmar's water supply.
    Player goblins are fun to kill on account of their death animations.

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    Love Goblins, they are just adorable and awesome in so many ways. (Primarily female ones.)

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    i love to hate them as well. I love how they look now and what cheery little greedy jerks they are.

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    I love their haircut. Both male and female. Bald guy with a ponytail... PRICELESS!
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