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    DW AOE Rune of Rozorice help

    During AOE as DW frost using rune of razorice is it beneficial to swap between targets and keep 5 stacks of Frost Vulnerability on 3-4 targets or even just 2 targets (for example heroic spirit kings or Stone Guards when 2 bosses are out at the same time) while still continuing my rotation and refresh them to 5 stacks when they are about to drop off.

    What I would like to know:

    Are they both dps loss?
    Are they both a dps gain?
    Is keeping it up on just 2 (in a heroic spirit kings or Stone Guards style fight) a dps gain but 3-4 (aoe fight) a dps loss?
    Is keeping it up on 2 a dps loss but 3-4 a dps gain?

    Any help is really appreciated, thanks.

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    Assuming all targets are debuffed accordingly and you don't lose white swings (due being out of range or whatnot) then there's no loss in DPS.

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