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    lvl 72 blood dk, aggro issues?

    I'm level 72 leveling a blood dk again and I don't remember having this many aggro issues. Could it just be dps jumping the gun and going all out before dieases are spread or what?

    Usually I pull and put my diseases on one target and heart strike the other and run to pull a group and spam blood boil to spread the diseases. Then I have no runes for DnD to be dropped. Am I just trying to pull too big and not waiting for my runes. Any advice for leveling blood dks? Also, most of the time its my healer pulling aggro (pally healer) and I don't know if he's just bombing me with heals right off the bat that's causing the aggro for him or what it is.

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    Are you using rune strike? That generates a good amount of threat.

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    Of course. It only happens on the pull. I've tried just spamming blood boil without diseases to see if that prevents it. Tried pulling with just DnD. It's like anything I do doesn't generate any aggro.

    And yes blood presence is up.

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    tell your healer to spec ret and to take off righteous fury and just gg the instances. lowbie stuff isnt reflective either of max level.

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    i notice on my 64 dk sometimes the dps just spike faster than my bb can grab before spread diseases. kind of sucky but its not lost for long.

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    are you using diseases?
    probably not even worth it at that level unless you have outbreak glyphed or you know things will last longer than 5 seconds < although this is not good gameplay at higher levels

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    Use Roiling Blood talent. Cast diseases > Blood Boil > DnD > Blood Boil... ect

    Edit - On 3 targets or less, Heart Strike is always a better choice than Blood Boil once your diseases are on all the targets.
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    Make sure you're always in Blood presence and make use of runestrike. When you have no runes, make use of your runic power. Runestrike generates a lot of threat.

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    Of course I'm in blood presence. I'm always putting diseases up then spreading with blood boil. If there's 5+ targets I'll keep using blood boil otherwise just use heartstrike. It's mainly on the pull I'm having issues with. DPS just wants to go go go and half the time I'm waiting on runes so I can do the go go go pulls and shit.

    And I do use rune strike before I can even cap out runic power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaosadvokit View Post
    Use Roiling Blood talent. Cast diseases > Blood Boil > DnD > Blood Boil... ect

    Edit - On 3 targets or less, Heart Strike is always a better choice than Blood Boil once your diseases are on all the targets.
    Up until lvl 85ish blood boil will be doing twice the damage heart strike does.

    I'm currently lvl 72 aswell on my DK, but I'm not having problems with my threat at all. Are you sure your blood presence is active? Roiling Blood is also a must.

    What I do is: Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Blood Boil so at least 1 of each rune is on CD > Death Strike > Blood Boil. After that I try to kite at least one mob with diseases on it to a new pack of mobs so I can blood boil again to spread the diseases. After that I simply spam blood boil to spread diseases and do 5-6k DPS, effectively doing 60% of the parties damage xD

    Edit: To clear up, I barely ever use DnD simply because it screws up my rotation. Plus it does pretty poor damage compared to blood boil currently.

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    Forgo using diseases altogether, it isn't worth it with how hard Blood Boil is hitting.
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    Up until 85, Blood boil and Death siphon will deal the most damage / threat out of all of your abilities, so it is best to run in and spam BB.
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